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re: We have seats!

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Maryelizabeth said:
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 20, 2010
      Maryelizabeth said:
      <<< I cut out the boards for the stools, a VERY simple variation of an x-stool that is most likely not period but since I am not over at my dad's woodshop and pressed for time, I figured these would do just fine. Once finished I will take pictures and post them.

      The x-stools are being made with 1x8 pine. This is a variation on some stools that my ex made for my boys when they were little.

      My seat is a variation on the gothic bench that I printed offline. Although a little more work, I wanted something a little more "frilly" for myself. (I am the only "girl" in the family, so...) >>>

      If by "x-stool" you are referring to the chairs made of two boards, often 2 x 6s that fit together because of slots in each one that make a big 'X' that you sit in with your back along the vertical portion of the X, they definitely don't appear to be period, rather a product of the 60's, the 1960s.

      However for my first year I used a nylon mesh lawn chair covered with a blanket, so you are ahead of what I started with.

      How do you plan to finish them? I would finish them with something, and the sooner the better since once they get stained, it is hard to hide the stain. And being a chair it may end up sitting in the mud or water at some point.

      Most people today would probably consider a stain and/or a clear coat for protection. However, in general, it looks much more likely that they would paint something like a chair. My feeling is that we are surrounded by an artificial environment so our thought is towards nice woods and 'natural' colors. They on the other-hand, were surrounded by nature, even in the middle of towns. If you had the money to decorate something, you didn't want it look natural, you wanted it to stand out and highlight the craft in it. So a bright paint would be more likely than a natural colored stain.

      Another example of this color choice can probably be seen in clothes, where those who had money tended to use bright colors while poorer people used the cheaper, natural colors like greens, browns etc.

      wood-finishes-msg (98K) 2/13/08 Period and SCA wood finishes. Stains.


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    • Maryelizabeth
      Thank you for explaining the origin of this design! They are a quick throw-together and are just for right now. I built a small gothic bench for myself
      Message 2 of 3 , Oct 20, 2010
        Thank you for explaining the origin of this design! They are a quick throw-together and are just for right now. I built a small gothic bench for myself although had to rip apart my old glider to get a dowel (was going to be dismantled anyway) because I forgot the crossbar and ran out of wood.

        We are planning to build more items which are a bit nicer as we go along. The gothic bench is very sturdy, although will definitely need to be painted after this weekend as it is pine. The next ones will most likely be red oak, one of my favorite woods.

        The gothic bench that I am speaking of can be found online at:

        I will post pictures soon.
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