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Re: Getting ready for this event is a bit harder than I expected..

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  • Stefan li Rous
    ... What will that mean for me, with my half-dozen kids and husband? A fleet of old school buses, perhaps?
    Message 1 of 7 , Oct 17, 2010
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      Phoebe, mother of a half-dozen, replied to me with:
      > <<< The rope beds will be more period and less costly than the cots, although a little more to transport. >>>
      > LoL. What I've noticed, in general, is that the longer someone is in the SCA, the bigger their cars get. People often start the SCA with a compact car. Then they decide they need a full-size car. Then, Oh, we need a pickup or a van. Some add a trailer at some point. And some eventually get a bus or other non-standard vehicle. :-)

      What will that mean for me, with my half-dozen kids and husband? A
      fleet of old school buses, perhaps?
      LoL. The usual SCA family size is a couple, and that progression I gave came mostly from seeing what happened with an individual or couple over the years.

      But I doubt you are moving your family of eight(?) around right now in a compact car, right?. What are you currently using? I would suggest adding a trailer to the vehicle you are currently using. Or, if you're already splitting this crowd into multiple vehicles continuing or expanding on this.

      In the TRAVEL section of the Florilegium:
      SCA-transport-msg (29K) 2/15/10 Typical and unusual SCA vehicles and transportation.

      And while we are talking about the usual and the unusual, in the STRUCTURES section, just in case you want something other than a pavilion:
      tent-alt-msg (48K) 9/10/01 Alternatives to tents for SCA events.


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