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Advice Re: [SCA Newcomers] Names and Coat of Arms

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  • julian wilson
    From: KAS QUOTE   I think this time around, new to SCA after many years totally way and few years of little involvement back in time, I
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      "KAS" <kaiara@...>


      I think this time around, new to SCA after many years totally
      way and few years of little involvement back in time, I want to be more

      So I want to do a name and a coat of arms.... or some device.

      I think it will be of great fun!

      So, I found a form online for names

      what is process for developing a coat of arms??


      REPLYm'Lady Ann ,
      you haven't told us
      where you live, so specifics recoomedations as to who - in your SCA
      Kingdom - to contact for help, we can't give you. However, whichever
      SCA Kingdom you dwell in, - your local herald ought to be able to
      give you guidance. If your local area [Shire] doesn't have a shire
      herald, then move a step up the "Table of Organisation" for
      your Kingdom, and contact either the herald for your Barony, or your
      Principality, or even for your Kingdom, and send your questions

      My Lady and I met up with SCA members
      at an event in our little island in 2004, and they became our first
      real friends in the Society, and have helped us greatly, ever since.
      We still vividly remember what it was like to be SCA "newcomers"
      - which is why we are members of this List  - "paying it
      forwards" to flatten the "learning curve" for others.

      Choosing a period name: -
      whether you want to choose a "holding name" [which you can
      change later, as many people do] - while you make up your mind about
      your period persona; - or whether - you already being sure about the
      period and country from which you wish to draw your persona, - you
      want to dive right in and match name to period persona.

      There are many helpful websites which
      you can study to help you make a choice, - and one of the very best
      of them is the Medieval Nameas Archive - of the Guild of St. Gabriel
      - to be found at
      <http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/> - [this
      URL is "active" - I've just checked it for you].
      You will find many more such helpful
      websites listed in the Arts & Sciences Files of the Kingdom of
      Atlantia – [over 8000 helpful files on every SCA-related subject
      you can think of – organised alphabetically by subject for easy
      reference] , and the greatest single collected research resource on
      the Internet, along with those in “Stefan's Florilegium”.

      "What is the process for
      developing a coat of Arms?">
      As for designing personal
      heraldry - there are so many things to consider, you would be wise to
      consult heralds in your Kingdom for advice.
      You are NOT
      "required" to register either your name or your Arms with
      the SCA's Heraldic College. AFAIK, there is no SCA Rule which says
      you MUST do so. However, if you don't register name and Arms with the
      College, anyone else may register an identical name or Arms so close
      to your preferred design as to prevent you registering those you have
      chosen, at a  later date.

      SCA Custom and tradition in many
      Kingdoms strongly suggests that it can be seen as "presumptuous"
      to try to register Arms before your have been given an SCA "Award
      of Arms" from your Kingdom.

      An "Award of Arms" [the “AoA”
      - which officially confers the "Right To Bear Arms” within the
      SCA"] is usually the first Kingdom-level Award which SCA
      newcomers receive, - and  - taken across the 19 Kingdoms, - it
      seems that such an Award is usually made after about 2 years of
      regular attendance at SCA events. This "lapse time" varies
      from kingdom to kingdom, and also depends upon the number of events 
      you are able to take-part-in during your first 2 years within the
      Society. .

      An AoA usually arrives unexpectedly
      after some of the Members from your local area have made secret*
      recommendations to your Crowns - [ * secret? -  you will never
      be told "officially" who made those recommendations -
      though you may discover whom to thank in private gossip, afterwards.]

      There are exceptions. I have heard of a young newcomer who spent
      their entire first event keeping the toilets clean at a big event;
      and  had an AoA conferred upon them at the end of the event. I
      also know of a very helpful and enthusiastic young person within
      Drachenwald who had attended a number of Events with his parents, and
      was given his AoA at the first event he attended following his 18th
      Birthday. But  - from what else I have heard, - such happenings
      are quire rare; and there seems to be no "hard & fast"
      Rule for this.

      For more detailed help, consult the
      nearest herald to your area, in your Kingdom. If you cannot discover
      who that might be, look at your kingdom's webpage, and send your
      queries to the principal herald – who may either choose to help you
      personally, - or amy put you in touch with your closest herald.

      In Service to the medieval Dream,
      Schwarzdrachen Principal Herald,

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