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Re: Names and Coat of Arms

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  • KAS
    Too cool!! I ve not yet met our local herald--but will soon I hope!
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 16, 2010
      Too cool!!

      I've not yet met our local herald--but will soon I hope!

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, "Bambi TBNL" <hippy_dippy_dancer@...> wrote:
      > If you have no idea atall what you want contact your local herald and ask for uidanc or even of you migh fin out whn you ould peruse the local reference info. If you already have an idea (ex. What ever it is youwan it o include your favorite animal or color or bodypart? Yeah body part...i only have hands on mine) thenflasgi out. En you reach an impasse look up your locl herald. Discuss.
      > if you are going to n even that feature a heraldic advice table or point you might already have your notes with you and seek ome guidance that way.
      > hy guidance? Well there are a lot of registered arms in the sca.and the rule is that you have a right o be the only one wih your arms. That means if thy ar similar you need to have ( belive) 3 points of differnce (legible from across the battlefield).
      > Mine were designed under duress and i never expected them to pass.quite frankly after having been in for 2 years back when ocks ere soft, a herald friend of my sat outside my tent at an event an badgered me into submitting my arms. I had nihing but a blak magic marker and ome omputer paper. I slapped out omehing, he blaone it while i made dinner and i forot abou it. 9 montha later they had passed. Go figgur
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