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RE: [SCA Newcomers] Introduction

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  • Kyla
    Newcomer resources: There are many resources available to newcomers on line. First, I suggest looking at the Society website: http://www.sca.org/ In the upper
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      Newcomer resources:

      There are many resources available to newcomers on line.

      First, I suggest looking at the Society website: http://www.sca.org/

      In the upper right hand corner, there are a number of pages for newcomers,
      including things like how to figure out what kingdom/region/barony/shire
      you're in by your zip code, easy garb to make, some ideas about how to get
      started on building a person, and things like that.

      This website is also where you can find things like the society rules for
      the various kinds of combat, and the society's goals.

      From here, you can find your kingdom website, which will have kingdom
      specific rules for fighting, and your local chatelaine/hospitaler or
      seneschal's contact information.

      Second, take a look at the files in this Yahoo lists' website:

      There are files on all sorts of things, from various kinds of clothing, or
      garb, to heraldry, to camping equipment lists.

      Third, Take a very LONG look at Stefan's Florilegium:

      Stefan has collected thousands of articles on nearly every possible topic -
      there is sure to be something useful to you in there.

      In addition, Stefan is on this list - if you ask him, he will suggest
      articles related to your topic of inquiry.

      After you've spent some time looking at these resources, talk to your local
      chatelaine/hospitaler - the newcomer greeter, or seneschal - your chapter

      They can suggest other avenues of research, or local SCAdians who have
      similar interests.

      Don't forget your local library, as well as the extensive online libraries
      springing up all over the place these days.

      After all of that, if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask on
      this list - these are some of the most helpful people in the SCA, and they
      would love to help you in any way they can!

      Tabitha Pennywarden

      Ravenslake, Midlands

      Middle Kingdom

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      On 1 Sep 2010, at 12:18 AM, jquest716 wrote:

      > Hi I just wanted to introduce myself to everyone my name is Jared and
      I'm from Nassau/Queens NY and I just attendend the Arrows and Ale event and
      became very interested in the SCA and everything they have to offer and how
      my friends and myself may become active. If anyone has info on fighting, how
      to create charcters and anything else please pass it on. So hopefully I will
      be able to get tons of info and then to get to meet everyone in person. Be
      well and see you all soon.

      Welcome to the Current Middle Ages, Jared of Queens!

      I'll let others address fighting, as that's not my area, but I can help
      you a bit with persona. A few tips that were shared with me, which have
      proven helpful in the extreme over the last year that I've been associated
      with the SCA:

      * Don't hurry into one right away, unless you already have a strong idea
      of what you want to do. It's okay to just say "I'm from somewhere in Western
      Europe" or "I'm an impoverished noble" or "I'm from early Period" and not
      get any more specific, until you feel ready to present yourself the way you

      * Decide what level of affluence your persona. Keep in mind that if you
      call yourself a peasant or slave, many of the serious persona-players (who
      stay in character most or all of an event's duration) will probably treat
      you that way, which is to say, not necessarily with benign or respectful
      behavior. Most SCAdians take one another to be minor nobles, merchants of at
      least middling wealth, or bards/wandering
      performers/heralds/newsbearers/couriers who have a higher status from great
      skill than would normally be theirs by way of birth or money. The lower and
      poorer classes are generally either newbies (only because they haven't
      usually outfitted themselves very well) or what the roleplaying communities
      refer to as NPCs (non-played characters -- the "extras" on a movie or TV
      show). In other words, if an event has 100 people at it, we generally assume
      that those 100 people are the ones being actually portrayed, while the
      poorer and less noble hundreds are there, milling around but not getting
      underfoot or being noticed by us fancier folk. HOWEVER... if you do play
      someone poorer, at least you have a good reason for not spending a bloody
      fortune on your garb and equipment, so having a noble persona whose fortunes
      were lost/stolen/plundered is a pretty good idea, too.

      * Pick a place, any place; pick a time, any time. A person from one area
      is going to have a different life, mindset, experiences, biases, and attire
      from that of a person who originates/lives in another area. An Englishman of
      1420 is going to be a very different fellow from a Spaniard from the same
      time, even if they share a profession, income level, and religion. Pick a
      time, too, because a Spaniard from 1420 is not much like a Spaniard from
      1120 despite their shared language (well, as much as lingual shift will
      allow them to share a language). Picking a place is hard because there are
      so many places and they are all interesting and cool, but one will present
      itself to you. Maybe you're Hungarian and very proud of it, and want to
      learn more about your heritage. Maybe an event happened that fascinates you,
      so you might pick a place and time that would enable you to delve into
      studies about that event. Maybe you want a place you know next to nothing
      about, so you pick a place at random from a medieval atlas because you've
      never heard of it and it'll give you years of joyous searching. Maybe you'll
      pick a place that you don't think anyone else in the SCA is studying, so
      that you can be the first; or a place that a lot of people know about, so
      that there'll be a lot of information already out there. Whatever makes your
      heart sing, go in that direction! The ONLY requirement is that it be either
      in Europe, or in a place that had contact with Europe prior to 1600.

      * Think about the clothes. If you don't want to wear a certain culture's
      specific clothing because of how it feels or looks on you, that'll help you
      eliminate that time/place from your starting list of possibilities. For
      instance, I'd love to learn about late-period Italian or Elizabethan, but
      that gorgeous garb is so heavy and so hard to make, so I couldn't go in that
      direction. But a friend of mine is going in that direction precisely BECAUSE
      of the garb -- he loves to sew, is very good at it, and it just thrills him
      to go around looking so darned dashing. Think of how you'll look and feel in
      various types of garb, how easy it would be to make or acquire it, and let
      that help you make your decision.

      * If you pick mid-Period Germany and really love that, but also start
      feeling attracted to early-Period France or late-period Wales, go right
      ahead! You're permitted to register up to five persona names. There are even
      folks who have a different persona for almost every event. They'll go Norse
      for colder autumn and winter events, Greek for hot spring and summer events,
      Irish for their local event that celebrates Irish and other British-Isles
      personae, Mongolian for the yearly Asian feast... Why not? It gives a chance
      to really explore lots of times and places, and they find their creativity
      being fostered and flourishing under such variety.
      D'vorah bint al-Attar
      Master Albrecht Waldfurster's Egg
      Middle Kingdom, Midlands, Ayreton, Tree-Girt-Sea (Chicago, IL)
      http://www.consensualreality.net/sca AND
      Facebook: D'vorah Bint Al-Attar

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    • Bill Toscano
      On a more local level, you are in the oldest, and one of the most vibrant, local groups in the East Kingdom. There s contact information on the province of
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        On a more local level, you are in the oldest, and one of the most vibrant,
        local groups in the East Kingdom.

        There's contact information on the province of Ostgardr here --

        The chatelaine and deputy chatelaine are the best place to start.

        There is an event coming up Sept. 11 and 12 -- John Barleycorn (
        http://www.eastkingdom.org/event-detail.html?eid=1936), which is
        particularly good.

        There also an event at the Queens County Fair (
        http://www.eastkingdom.org/event-detail.html?eid=2017) Sept. 25 and 26.

        On Oct. 15-17, there will be horses! Warrior Nadaam (
        http://www.eastkingdom.org/event-detail.html?eid=1985) is amazing.

        Pretty busy down there in New York City.


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