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RE: [SCA Newcomers] Joining SCA

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  • Laurie Taylor
    www.sca.org Click on become a member - in a box about mid page Click on Purchase / Renew membership on-line The next screen will be
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 12, 2010
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      www.sca.org <http://www.sca.org/>

      Click on 'become a member' - in a box about mid page

      Click on 'Purchase / Renew membership on-line

      The next screen will be the main Membership page, and you can click on 'join
      the SCA' on the right hand side.this will open a form to be filled in on
      screen. Just follow the steps.

      - or -

      Click on 'Print Membership Forms'

      This will give you a list of links specific to your location, US, Australia,
      New Zealand, Other International. From there, just print and use the
      correct form.

      I've done the on-line membership process. It's not difficult and even
      handles your family members' memberships as part of the same process.

      You were given good information in the other responses. You don't have to
      join right away.some people never officially join, yet play extensively.
      Also, once your membership application is in, you'll be part of the Barony
      closest to your zip code. HOWEVER, you are NOT limited to playing in that
      Barony. You can attend meetings and events anywhere that you like. I live
      in one Barony, but on the far side of that Barony's bounds and far from most
      of their activities. As a result, I mostly play in another Barony, the
      activities of which are very close to my home. I also play with a College
      group as I like the group and the things that they do. Whatever makes you
      happy, that's what you do in the SCA.

      Gelleia de Horslaporte

      Living in the Kingdom of Atenveldt and playing where ever.


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      Subject: [SCA Newcomers] Joining SCA

      I have a basic question, which may seem silly to some. How do I join the
      SCA? Now I have looked over the SCA websites extensively, but still do not
      understand the process specifically. I live in New Hampshire, so I am
      looking to become part of the Barony of Stonemarche. But do I join THROUGH
      Stonemarche? Or do I join THROUGH the East Kingdom? Or do I join THROUGH the
      SCA worldwide? I just can't seem to find a membership application to
      download that has "Stonemarche" I can check off. Where do I send the money
      to? It's not that I do not understand reenacting, I am an experienced
      reenactor and I help new members coming into my own reenacting group (of
      another era). But the SCA membership seems confusing, at least compared to
      all other living history.

      Dave H

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