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re: Newbie, going to Pennsic

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Kate asked: How long have you been on this
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 18, 2010
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      Kate asked:
      <<< I joined the SCA this year and will be attending my first Pennsic next month. Huzzah! Excited but nervous. >>>

      How long have you been on this list? I just posted a number of links yesterday for folks new to the SCA and to Pennsic. I can resend those to you by email but I doubt the list wants to see all of that again. The short answer is to look in the SCA-CAMPING and the PENNSIC section of the Florilegium. The web address for the Florilegium is given in my signature line below.

      I'm also willing to point you towards specific files, but it would help to know whether you've had previous outdoor camping experience.

      For more info on the SCA for newcomers, I would recommend the NEWCOMERS section in the Florilegium.

      <<< Hoping for some help with some questions:

      1) I would like to independently research my name options, as I live quite far in the middle of nowhere. Any recommendations for discussion groups? >>>

      I usually recommend that newcomers come up with a first name ASAP. So people don't learn you by your regular name and then have to switch later. However, picking a name really depends upon the culture and time you are interested in. There are some good articles in the NEWCOMERS section of the Florilegium on picking names in the SCA.

      However, "Kate" is a perfectly good period name as are many of its variants like Catherine and Katherine etc. Some people though wish to pick a name that is specifically different from their regular name. Others, like me, may chose a little used Middle name. There is also a loophole that lets you use part of your regular name whether it is period or not. I happen to detest that, and you certainly have no reason to use that.

      So I wouldn't rush to find a name before Pennsic, use Kate. You don't need a complete name until much later. My AoA scroll (the first award you are likely to receive in the SCA), says "Stephen of Bryn Gwlad" because I didn't have a complete name then.

      <<< 2) Pennsic: I have short hair and would like to wear a longer wig, but I have been told this is VERY impractical because of Pennsic weather. True? >>>

      For Pennsic, don't bother. Simply use a veil or other head covering as someone else mentioned. This Pennsic I wouldn't bother with the false hair at all, but it was done in period and if you prefer short hair outside of the SCA that is one way to have long braids inside the SCA.

      <<< 3) Pennsic shoes. Looking for comfort. Any advice much appreciated. >>>

      Just look for something comfortable that isn't glaringly modern. I would avoid striped sports shoes, especially in flourescent colors. One advantage that women have is that long skirts can cover up my things including shoes.

      You might also look in this file in the CLOTHING section of the Florilegium which has lots of suggestions for non-period shoes which will work.
      shoes-msg (127K) 2/20/10 Medieval footwear and SCA imitations.

      <<< Well met,
      Kate (no persona name yet...) >>>

      Please feel free to post further questions here or by sending me email. But if you read through those sections I mentioned to you, that should answer some of your initial questions.

      THLord Stefan li Rous Barony of Bryn Gwlad Kingdom of Ansteorra
      Mark S. Harris Austin, Texas StefanliRous@...
      **** See Stefan's Florilegium files at: http://www.florilegium.org ****
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