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  • Stefan li Rous
    Since we seem to have gotten onto the subject of SCA camping and/or Pennsic, let me mention some files that might be of use to folks, especially those new to
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      Since we seem to have gotten onto the subject of SCA camping and/or Pennsic, let me mention some files that might be of use to folks, especially those new to camping and especially those new to Pennsic.

      Check out the files in both the SCA-CAMPING and the PENNSIC sections of the Florilegium. Here are a few of the files, to give you an idea of what is there.

      If you don't like the idea of using the public showers, and the main problem I've had with them through the years is the often lack of hot water more than the other concerns voiced, many camps have their own showers. Here are some ideas on how to do that.

      camp-showers-msg (30K) 6/22/09 Camp shower ideas for outside SCA events.

      Even though there are some flushies at Pennsic, the main toilet facilities are the modern, plastic porta-johns. I recommend that everyone read this article. Among other things, way too many people leave the lids up when finished, which defeats the ventilation systems built into them.

      Care-o-Prvies-art (5K) 11/10/02 On the Care and Feeding of the Wild Porta-Privy" by Lord Iain mac Caradoc.

      New-2-Pennsic-msg (44K) 6/23/04 Information for those new to Pennsic.

      P-Sanitation-art (18K) 8/13/09 "Pennsic Sanitation for the Compleat Idiot" by Qatagin-u Jajiradai (called Master Jaji)

      Pennsic-Prep-art (12K) 8/22/02 "A Newcomer's Guide for Pre-Pennsic Prep" by Lady Meliora Leuedai de Ardescote.

      P-Food-Safety-art (7K) 7/19/01 "Pennsic Food Safety" by Andrew MacRobb.

      Pennsic-101-art (8K) 8/17/03 An article for those new to Pennsic by Culaan.

      This one was illustrated by William Blackfox, now deceased, known throughout the Known World for his cartoons. Read this, follow the recommendations and perhaps avoid burning yourself or your friends at Pennsic or other SCA events with fires.
      Fire-Book-art (739K) 12/28/00 Baron Durr's Guide to Safe Fire Use.

      Again, this is a sampling of only a few of the files in these two sections. There are more files there that may also be of interest.


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