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corn and maize

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Pomestnik Dmitrii Ivanov asked:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 17, 2010
      Pomestnik Dmitrii Ivanov asked:
      <<< Now this brings a question to my mind. I have had folks tell me corn or maize was new world only and I have had some folks say thats false that Europeans had a crop that was very similar to Maize and of the same family >>>

      Yes, maize did make it to Europe within our time period. In northern Italy it was being used to make polenta. This is because at that time there were strong connections between areas of Italy and Spain. But it doesn't seem to have been known elsewhere. I suspect it was well after period before maize made it to Russia. :-) But then there are good arguments that the Middle Ages didn't end there until the 19th century as well. :-)

      maize-msg (64K) 1/10/08 Discovery of maize (Indian corn) in the Americas and its introduction to Europe.

      polenta-msg (20K) 12/13/05 Period polenta. Wheat and maize polenta.

      One of the complications in studying this is that "corn" is a general English term for the common grain. In some regions "grain" is barley or wheat. So you have to aware of this when reading period documents. This is why you sometimes see the term "Indian corn". ie: grain of the Indians. This also why you see I've chosen to use the term "maize" in this filename.

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