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  • Bambi TBNL
    oh yesh, I forgot one other point. There are peole, very very 100% authenticity folks and those who are not so much, who have their whole persona + kit
    Message 1 of 9 , May 7, 2010
      oh yesh, I forgot one other point.
      There are peole, very very 100% authenticity folks and those who are not so much, who have their whole "persona + kit" worked out and then there comes a really cool event that has nothing to do with either and they creat garb and kit for just that event...
      so theyende up with a bunch of "random" periods and cultures in their garb closet that only come out once a year. and a lot of these folkse have SUCH awards...ach! But then, there are the die hards who have, what they have and wear it to everything no matter WHAT the focus..and  if anybody gets their knicker in a twist about it..they are in the minority...
      there are Laurels in costuming who show up  in beautiful 14thc. french at a tudor ball...and just look great for them, THAT is the ANACHRONISM part...and it works just fine.
      I do hope you will just jump in and play with us...and figure the small stuff out as you go along.
      I dont know where you are..but it is starting to be the season..look up an event in the kingdom calandar...contact the folks running it to reserve you place at the table and get in touch with the chatelaine if you feel you dont have anything to wear..( I always feel like thatLOL) and ask about what else you might need like feast gear...etc.... hope you live somewhere near Atlantia...means I might get to meet you some time...you sound lke a great asset to any group you choose to be a part of!!!Bambi (To be named l ater) TBNL

      I am made for great things by GOD
      and walk with Pride!!!!
      Walladah bint al Mustakfi c 1100ad
      see me dance

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      DeAnna: I've only been with the SCA for a few years now but the rules just say that some attempt at period is required. I also ran into a few people at the begining who were all about being 100% authentic but remember this is for play. It is supposed to be fun, so don't stress it. I have garb from a few different periods depending on the occasion and it has taken me 3 years to find a name that I have yet to submit. Some people may complain but www.renstore. com has a very nice sideless surcoat with chemise for beginners garb then go to some events and check out what others are wearing and feel free to ask where they got it or how did they make it. Usually people are very receptive and pleased that you noticed their garb and will be willing to assist. But first and foremost, don't sweat it, this is supposed to be fun!

      Lori (Eilinora inghean du Ruac)

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      I'm finding that getting the right clothing to be very difficult. Some say getting a medieval pattern from the internet is good. Others say you HAVE to be 100% authentic, your clothing have to reflect your period. How do we really know? All we really have to go by are paintings and written descriptions. I'm having a hard time finding "authentic" patterns in anything other then peasant clothing. I ordered some book to see if I can come up with my own patterns, but will that be considered authentic dress or will I be scuffed at? I've gotten some sights from some of you before (many thanks) but all of the above is what I've run into. I have a dress that I got from the Ren-Fest, and no it's not a wench outfit. It's a gown with an under skirt and a silk under dress and an A-line outer dress. I was told it wouldn't work because it wasn't anything that would have been worn during that time. I seriously need some help. Send me pics of your cloths or of
      patterns...SOMETHIN G...I don't really want to create my persona around a peasant dress. Thank you all so much!!! I know I've asked a lot of questions on this subject so I thank you all for being patient with me.


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