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  • Kyla
    Welcome! It s always a pleasure to see a new face, so to speak. I have a few suggestions for anyone who is just starting out, most of which is just making sure
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 24, 2010

      It's always a pleasure to see a new face, so to speak.

      I have a few suggestions for anyone who is just starting out, most of which
      is just making sure that you know about resources available to you.

      To start with, the Society maintains a website with excellent pages of
      advice specifically for newcomers: http://www.sca.org/
      In the upper right hand corner there are several links under the heading
      'New to the SCA?'

      In 'Find Your Local Group', there will be links that will help you to figure
      out which kingdom you are in. Once you've done that, you can find your
      kingdom's website, also in 'Find Your Local Group'. Your kingdom's website
      will have more specific information to your area, like a calendar of local
      events, frequently with links to websites, and who the current king and
      prince are.

      The Society website also has info about the rules for any kind of martial
      activity, under Marshal's handbooks, from heavy fighting to siege weapons.
      Your kingdom website will have rules specifically for your kingdom, and will
      assume you already know the Society rules.

      The Society website has the Society Charter on it, with the specifics of
      who, what, when, where and why spelled out, so that there is less confusion.

      Once you start wanting more in depth info for various subjects, I recommend
      Stefan's website, The Florilegium: http://www.florilegium.org/
      with all sorts of articles about almost everything you could possible be
      interested in.

      Please don't stress out about finding a persona and making garb right away;
      your local group should have loaner garb, loaner feast gear, loaner fighter
      equipment, etc. While you should eventually start acquiring your own stuff,
      everyone has been a newcomer at one time or another, and they all
      understand, which is why they maintain loaner gear in the first place.

      Try out lots of things, even things you aren't sure you'll like; it costs
      little to try, and you might surprise yourself! (I didn't think I would be
      patient enough to ever do any embroidery, but I'm finding I can handle
      couched embroidery in small amounts.)

      Your local group is a font of info about all the things they are interested
      in - ask them questions about anything that looks like you might like to
      try - they frequently will let you, and teach you how. More, if there is
      something you are interested in, and your local group doesn't have someone
      else doing it already, they will likely know someone who is, and can
      introduce you.

      For any specific interest you wish to pursue, there is a Yahoo list - or you
      can start one!

      And always, you are welcome to ask any question you may have here. Someone
      will know the answer, or know where to find the answer, or know someone
      else, who knows, etc.

      Speaking of this Yahoo list, this SCA Newcomers Yahoo list has a files and a
      photos section, with lots of info and pics about things that people on this
      list were and are interested in - check it out sometime - I just noticed a
      file on Chatelaine info! I'll be looking at that as soon as I finish this
      email! (Chatelaine is the person designated to help newcomers in a group.)
      We have chatelaines on shire, baronial, regional, kingdom and societal

      Tabitha Pennywarden
      Ravenslake, Midlands
      Middle Kingdom

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      I live in Flint Michigan. I'm not sure what my kingdom is.

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