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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Re: Rude SCA group

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  • Jeff Suzuki
    There is no requirement that you play with your local group.  In fact, it probably happens a lot more than you might guess.  The reasons can be relatively
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 24, 2010
      There is no requirement that you play with your local group.  In fact, it probably happens a lot more than you might guess.  The reasons can be relatively innocuous ("No one in my area is interested in Lithuanian paganism..."), so as long as you're not bad-mouthing them in a public forum, most people don't mind.

      If you are concerned about "how it looks" to play with one group while residing in another, there's an easy fall back:  don't identify SCA geography.  Either use mundane geography ("Truth or Consequences, New Mexico") or persona appropriate period geography ("I'm from Vilnius...").  Personally, I'd prefer it if everyone did that: SCA geography always struck me as a bit wonky...


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      I'd have to say, yes, it is okay. In fact, when I first joined I played with a group that was 50 miles away from the group I technically belonged to. I did so because I had fun with the second group, and learned quite a bit from them.

      The main thing is: this is a hobby. If you are with a group that is making it difficult to enjoy the hobby, then find some people you want to be around. Start hanging around them, and enjoy!

      In Service to the West,

      Staffan Arffuidsson

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      < I would like to know if it is ok .. to join a group outside of where you reside. I was told last year that it was "correct" for you to join the grop >

      I had the same problem when I tried to get together with the local group in the new are we moved to.

      I talked to my daughters who have been in the SCA 20 years and they said go to another group.

      The local SCA group in the are we moved is a want to be group, not establish.

      The couple have been in SCA a while and have their top recognition in what ever it is they do. They have tried to organize a group with no success.

      Problem I found is they give a double faced invitation. Like "drop by to see us any time, but we are busy most of the time." Trying to schedule a meeting with them was the pits. They would give us a day only to cancel and this happened many times.

      We do not mind helping people when we can but the first time we met they eyeballed what we had and asked for us to help them do this and that.

      I was so disappointing I did not even join the SCA. Then we had some major changes in our lives and had a lot to do and no time for the SCA. Now that our lives are settled we are burned out by the local group and would love to just join the group in the adjoining state.

      We came from a group were our daughter ran the local group and had many activities planned. Always had a group of SCA members at the house. Had a monthly get together. She also said when she started the old people were set in their ways and did not want to change them. That she had to form her own group of the younger ones who still had life in them.

      So back to the question can a new SCA member join out of the area where the new SCA member lives?

      I should read ahead as maybe this has been answered.

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