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For those interested in cooking

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Angelo said:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2010
      Angelo said:
      <<< I'm no cooking Laurel, but I do have a degree in culinary arts and
      20+ years
      of restaurant experience. In the case of food, pretty is NOT
      If food does not look good, fewer people are going to try it, no
      matter how
      good it may taste. >>>

      This "Is it an Art or a Science" is mostly in fun, however it is a
      good example of how most kingdoms have gotten away from having a
      separate office for the Arts and another for the Sciences and avoiding
      having separate contests for each.

      Angelo, if you have an interest in cooking and might be interested in
      medieval cooking, I would recommend you consider joining the SCA-Cooks
      list. We have folks there who have cooked professionally, cookbook
      authors, people who have cooked large SCA and non-SCA feasts to those
      who are just learning about cooking, much less medieval cooking. It is
      hard to even just lurk there and not learn something, although
      everyone is encouraged to participate and ask questions. The list
      isn't just for those interested in cooking SCA feasts. I, for one,
      have cooked Crown luncheons, but will probably never cook an SCA feast.

      The list can be busy at times, but is usually only about a dozen or so
      messages per day. You can always sign off of it if you find the volume
      too much or get it in digest form, which is what I do. It is a good
      community of folks, and we sometimes do get off of medieval food
      subjects to food in general and sometimes off of food which is why it
      can be busy at times.

      To join the list, go to the mail lists page on the Ansteorra server.
      While it is hosted on the Ansteorra server, we have folks from all
      over the Known World including Europe and South America. This link
      should get you to the list of mail lists on the server:
      http://lists.ansteorra.org/listinfo.cgi (There might be another list
      of interest to you)

      This link gets you specifically to the sign-up for the SCA-Cooks list:


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