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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Scottish/Irish Persona

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    Thank you for all the information I will check them out probably tonight I don t want to be on the computer all day at the moment. I am living with relatives
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      Thank you for all the information I will check them out probably tonight I don't want to be on the computer all day at the moment. I am living with relatives and the computers are all in one room at the moment. As soon as I get some more money coming in I will move the comptuer in to the other room so I can chat and do my emails in private at the moment I feel like I have a look out over my sholder. I will prbably do both the Irish and Scottish and switch out once in a while. I am one for variety but if I have to choose one it will probably be the Scottish. I will be starting taking a class soon on gaelic I just hope that I will have a ride to the classes. My cousin told me about it and hopefuly she will take me there until I can get a ride of my own. I am applying for disability because of my back problems so hopfully that will go threw soon.

      thank you

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      Shellie wrote:
      > I am going to try to do a Scottish Irish persona. . .I just don't
      > know how to get started.

      The first step would be to pick a culture and an era. At various
      points in the millennium or so that constitutes the S.C.A's core
      period, both Ireland and Scotland were home to significant Gaelic and
      Norse populations, smaller but politically influential English
      communities, and a variety of less prominent groups. And, of course,
      every detail of daily life--from the languages spoken to the clothes
      worn, the food eaten, and the games played--changed from one century
      to another.

      Two issues you might want to consider as you make your choice are the
      clothing you'll be donning and the name to which you'll be answering
      once you've settled on a persona. You'll want to be comfortable
      wearing both.

      There are two good printed sources on the history of Irish clothing:

      _Dress in Ireland: A History_, by Mairead Dunlevy, is widely
      available. You should be able to find it through Inter-Library Loan
      (in the States, at least) as well as through any number of on- and
      off-line vendors. The author has webbed a brief article on the
      history of clothing in county Clare <http://www.clarelibrary.ie/eolas/
      coclare/history/costume.htm> that you might find somewhat useful.

      _Old Irish and Highland Dress, with Notes on That of the Isle of
      Man_, by H.F. McClintock, is an older book, long out of print, which
      is difficult to find in hard copy anywhere. It is available in a PDF
      facsimile edition from Unicorn Limited <http://www.scotpress.com/

      Finnacan Dub's "Early Gaelic Dress: An Introduction" <http://
      coblaith.net/EarlyGaelicDress/default.html> is the best online
      resource on early-period Irish and Scottish Gaelic clothes of which
      I'm aware.

      Medieval Scotland's Scottish Clothing Resources <http://
      www.medievalscotland.org/clothing/> include good overviews of what's
      known about the topic.

      Reconstructing History's website includes a number of articles on
      later-period clothing from Ireland <https://
      www.reconstructinghistory.com/irish.php?c=8&d=100&w=1&r=Y> and
      Scotland <https://www.reconstructinghistory.com/irish.php?

      When it comes to names, first read "Choosing a Society Name: Hints
      for Newcomers" <http://www.s-gabriel.org/names/dietmar/hints.html>.
      Then visit the Medieval Names Archive's guide to Irish and Manx
      <http://s-gabriel.org/names/irish.shtml> and Scottish names <http://s-
      gabriel.org/names/scottish.shtml> to get a better look at your options.

      You might also want to consult a good overview of the history of the
      two countries if you think you'll want to get into complex persona
      play. (Some people really enjoy writing back-stories for themselves,
      imagining how their personae would react to "current" events, etc.
      If you're one of them, you'll want to pick a period in which things
      you find interesting were happening.) Ireland's History in Maps
      <http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~irlkik/ihm/> is a good site.
      Medieval Scotland <http://www.medievalscotland.org/> hosts a few
      historic articles and links to other reliable sites.

      Welcome to the Society, and don't hesitate to write the list with any
      questions you might have as you go along,. We'll be happy to help.

      Coblaith Muimnech
      Barony of Bryn Gwlad
      Kingdom of Ansteorra

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