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EVENT: Melee at Roswell -- Aug. 21-23, Marche of Alderford (northeast Ohio)

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  • Justinos Tekton called Justin
    The Marche of Alderford presents Melee at Roswell 10 August 21-23; B&A Primitive Weapons Club, Roswell OH http://www.alderford.org/events/melee2009 Pennsic
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      The Marche of Alderford presents "Melee at Roswell 10"
      August 21-23; B&A Primitive Weapons Club, Roswell OH


      Pennsic may be over, but there is still plenty of summer fun left! Join
      us for this weekend of camping at a beautiful site just northeast of New
      Philadelphia, Ohio. Melee at Roswell has classes, merchants, archery,
      rapier and armoured combat, thrown weapons, and our famous POTLUCK
      PICNIC on Saturday night.

      Enjoy the ARCHERY WOODS WALK or armor up for the WOODS QUEST BATTLE. The
      Melee Market Place & Bazaar features merchants as well as special hours
      on Saturday August 22 for you to sell, barter, or trade your own goods.

      When not shopping, shooting, fighting, or attending class, you can relax
      and share Turkish coffee and bardic performances (yours and others') at
      the MAGIC CARPET KAVEHANE, hosted by the Gorsedd bardic community.

      CLASSES will include: Bardic Boot Camp, Weeds Walk, Turkish Coffee
      Tutorial, and Basic Sewing 101.

      Seven MERCHANTS are currently registered, so if you didn't get to shop
      enough at Pennsic, we've got you covered!


      Site opens at 2:00 p.m. Friday and closes at noon on Sunday. To allow
      our guests a peaceful night's rest before Saturday's busy activities,
      there will be no camp setup allowed after 11:00 p.m. Friday night..

      The site is wet, and pets are allowed if on leash. Shower stalls are
      available on site, but bring your own water bag. Water on site is tanked
      in and is non-potable, so bring your own for cooking and drinking. Free
      firewood is available on site.

      Event Fees
      * Friday check-in 13 and older $12
      * Saturday check-in 13 and older $8
      * Under 13 Free
      * Family Cap $36 with minor children (under 18)

      There is no need to pre-register for this event, as space is not

      We hope you will join us at Melee at Roswell this year! For further
      information, updates, and map/directions, visit the web site at:
      http://www.alderford.org/events/melee2009 .

      Kind regards,


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      Maistor Justinos Tekton called Justin (Scott Courtney)
      Gules, on a bezant a fleam sable and on a chief dovetailed Or two keys
      fesswise reversed sable.

      justin@... http://4th.com/sca/justin/
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