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Re: [SCA Newcomers] RE: Newbie here! Garb question

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  • Ziddinaaitzumar@comcast.net
    Whoops.  When I mentioned Mongols, Moors and possibly other Mediterranean cultures, I forgot to mention that pants were worn by the WOMEN of those groups... 
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      Whoops.  When I mentioned Mongols, Moors and possibly other Mediterranean cultures, I forgot to mention that pants were worn by the WOMEN of those groups...  Ziddina  (blast mycat is trying to lie on he\\keyboard..._
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      Crystal-Joy asked:
      <<< Anyway, onto my question. Does one's garb have to be exactly time
      period? I am just having a very hard time finding a time period with
      garb that I would be comfortable wearing. I am definitely a pants-
      wearing type of girl and although I am pretty sure I am going to
      create a persona of Indian origin, I don't like the traditional garb
      of the women of that era.

      Would it be acceptable to tweek historical Indian garb so that it
      still looks period (and is comfortable for me to wear) but isn't quite
      historically accurate? >>>

      Try something new for you! Bring out your feminine side! :-) Okay,
      just some joking from a guy who likes to see women in dresses and
      feminine wear. And yet from a guy who generally wears long tunics in
      the SCA.:-)

      There are cultures where women did wear pants. I would concentrate on
      one of those. The only requirement in the SCA on clothing "is to make
      an attempt at medieval clothing" and nothing we do is going to be
      perfectly time-accurate. Even if you use linen and wool for your
      outfits, was it made from hand-spun thread on a hand loom? But I think
      starting out with a compromise on the type of clothing will eventually
      disappoint you as you develop your persona more and more.

      I believe the Scythians were a culture where the women wore pants,
      which is true of a number of similar nomadic peoples, but I'm not sure
      how much knowledge is available on these people. I do have a friend
      who chose that culture because, like you, she doesn't like to wear

      Scythians-msg (10K) 1/31/00 A Eurasian Nomadic people. 700 - 300

      Another way to handle this is to cross-dress. This appears to have
      almost always been women dressing as men. Mostly on the sly. However,
      there was a movement in Elizabethan times of women dressing in men's
      clothing more openly.

      cross-dressng-msg (9K) 4/ 5/05 Cross-dressing in period.

      Why do you prefer pants? Is it the way they feel?, freedom of
      movement? look? When you say you are a "pants-wearing type of girl"
      does that exclude wearing pants under a dress or skirt? Afterall with
      most period dresses, especially with the upper class, you can barely
      see the shoes, much less see what is being worn under the dress.

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