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Re: Rom personas

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  • glitterfiend_cupcake
    ... Thank you! I should have clarified, the odd skills were picked up by my ancestors and subsequently handed down. Sorry if it came of as fanciful. ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 29, 2009
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      > Be aware that although the Rom gradually travelled into new areas it
      > took time. Generations. An individual probably did not travel across
      > multiple countries in their lifetime. But then this was true for most
      > people in period. It's a problem I have with many fantastical SCA
      > persona stories where people come up with wild excuses for odd skills
      > and such that their persona would not have known. My advice on that is
      > just to ignore the oddities and say you picked up those skills once
      > your travelled to the Laurel Kingdoms, by however mythical method that
      > happened. See the PERSONA section of the Florilegium for similar and
      > different takes on personas.

      Thank you! I should have clarified, the odd skills were picked up by my ancestors and subsequently handed down. Sorry if it came of as fanciful.
      > It sounds like you have already done a fair amount of research. Many
      > people developing a persona would just call themselves Rom and not
      > even be aware that the Rom, like the Jews, split into separate groups
      > moving from the Middle East into Europe. You also have to be careful
      > that the Rom were not recorded in some countries depending upon the
      > year. In your case, especially for Spain, the year is late enough that
      > I don't think this will be a problem.
      > Here are a couple of files in the CULTURES section of the Florilegium
      > for you.
      > Gypsies-art (14K) 4/ 7/02 "Gypsies in Period" by Sayidda
      > Rakli Zada
      > Orlenda.
      > Gypsies-lnks (11K) 5/ 1/05 Links to information on medieval
      > Gypsies
      > by Dame Aoife Finn of Ynos Mon
      > Gypsies-msg (60K) 9/ 4/02 Gypsy culture. Also called Rom or
      > Romani.
      > Gypsy-tmeline-art (12K) 3/ 1/03 "Timeline of the Roma" by Sayidda
      > Rakli
      > Zada Orlenda.

      Thanks that will come in handy!

      > This would have been their public name(s). They also tended to have a
      > secret name. I would use that in your persona, but not in your public
      > persona name.

      Also I forgot to calrify here that the spanish names were found on a census, the romany name i will use just as my personal rom name for with other rom people.

      > They dressed similarly to the native dress in the country or region
      > they were in, but often tended to add more color.
      > Stefan

      This is where i am having a matter of confusion. Southern Spain (where my persona is from) was pretty heavily muslim influenced. Would a rom person blend typically choose to dress in the style of the muslims (who, from the paintings i have seen dressed much differently than their christian neighbors) or would they rather blend in with the christians, who (during the timeframe my persona was alive) were slowly regaining control over the area?

      I am leaning more towards the moorish type clothes as they suit me better but if it would be more accurate to portray a christian, i wouldnt hesitate to try that as well.

      By the way I live in Drachenwald.

      -Tschilaba Nuri (Sentiu Terrasona)
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