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Heartfelt thanks for Simple Day

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  • Judith Epstein
    I m just now getting back online after attending A Simple Day In The Country, and having finally gotten my DSL connection back after a day- long hiccough. For
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2009
      I'm just now getting back online after attending A Simple Day In The
      Country, and having finally gotten my DSL connection back after a day-
      long hiccough. For those who haven't attended this event, I heartily
      encourage you to put it high on your SCA priority list for next summer.

      I expected to sit in camp, cook my food, celebrate the Jewish Sabbath
      pretty much as I do at home, watch people enjoy their pasttimes,
      wander around and stare in awe at gorgeous garb and tents and
      merchandise, ooh and ahh at Court (and to my surprise, this was
      *literally* done in unison by everyone present, and more to the point,
      it was a well-earned accolade albeit comically low-key), and admire
      the fighters. I did all that, yes, and I loved it all! But those
      things, while perfectly lovely, were not by far the reason that my
      traveling companion and I had so much fun. Especially I want to thank
      -- in the order in which we met, not the order of precedence --

      Lady Liesl, chatelaine -- you are so very patient, and so sweet;
      Lord Brendan Eion Dalcassian, head gatekeeper (he's just too well-
      groomed to be called a troll);
      Our neighbors, who loaned us salt -- I wish I'd spent more time in
      your company, and I hope to find you at my next event so we can offer
      you hospitality, and maybe this time you will be able to accept (and
      if not, I understand, but you seemed very cool);
      Lady Moira Breabadair, event autocrat extraordinaire;
      Brigide von Metten;
      Lady Catrina, your lovely husband (forgive my bad memory, I remember
      the discussion but not your name), and your sweet boy Armand;
      Baroness Rhiannon (I hope I spelled that right; is it Baroness
      Rhianna? You were so amazing, even if I can't spell) -- I wouldn't
      forget the event, or you, even if you hadn't given me those rings to
      remember you by;
      The sweet folks who helped me carry things as I needed -- I wish you'd
      stuck around so I could've given you dinner, but please come and claim
      a plate next time!
      Abbot Johannes -- I'd have loved to talk more with you;
      Austorga de Clermont;
      Dymphna von Metten -- hope you're walking a little easier now;
      Abby -- small child, big smile, beautiful curtsey; also her very sweet
      father, both of them on their first SCA event ever;
      The gentlemanly Mongolian who just stepped down as Master Huntsman,
      whose name I cannot recall, but whose welcome was as warm as his
      camp's cookfire, and also the other kind souls around your fire;
      Lady Amber -- thank you for the enlightening conversation, and I hope
      we get to have many more;
      Gentles in the hound encampment, so generous, I wish I could've
      accepted a drink, but I was driving home later that night;
      All the children -- we camped right by children's point, yet were
      never once disturbed by shrieks or by things being handled without
      permission or knocked over -- all the glory to these lovely kids and
      the parents who taught them such considerate manners!
      Their Majesties EikBrundr and Runa and the Kingdom's excellent heralds
      -- We didn't actually meet, but thank you all! I never expected to be
      able to hear what was going on so clearly, but you spoke with great
      clarity and projection, so I could really understand the honors that
      were being given and appreciate all the work and heart that had been
      poured out by each person being honored. I also didn't expect to be
      moved by it all, but I was.

      I wish to high heaven that my travel companion and I (who also sends
      her thanks, but she's not on these lists, so I'm delivering them for
      her) could recollect all the names that we heard (and which titles
      went with which names because I'm sure I'm getting many wrong), of all
      the people that welcomed us so warmly to the first SCA event either of
      us has attended in adulthood. So many will be left off this list just
      because I can't spell properly, or because I got so used to saying
      m'lord, her grace, your excellency... please don't feel left out or
      that you weren't just as appreciated for everything that you said and
      did, just because you're not listed.

      Let it be known that the Middle Kingdom is made rich by Her citizens
      and denizens, and I am so glad that this was my re-introduction to the
      SCA. I wish it could have been a Simple Fortnight instead of just a
      Simple Day!

      Judith Epstein / still no chosen SCA name yet

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