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Re: Wood spoons preparationand washing

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  • Stefan li Rous
    Tabitha Pennywarden suggested:
    Message 1 of 20 , Jul 1, 2009
      Tabitha Pennywarden suggested:
      <<< That's a good idea; you could use beeswax, (or another period wax)
      if you
      have some - beeswax doesn't go rancid, is water proof, and tastes good,
      We do that with leather that may get wet, too.
      (Like pouches, and armour carriers.) >>>

      This will work. The only problem with using beeswax on things like
      wooden spoons or leather mugs or in drinking horns, is that if you
      then use them in hot beverages or fill the drinking vessels with them,
      you may find a layer of beeswax floating on top. Beeswax melts at an
      even lower temperature than paraffin.

      The files on leather mugs and drinking horns in the Florilegium have
      more discussion on this. There may also be some discussion in there on
      plastic coatings that work and are safe. When I researched it, it was
      real difficult to find anyone who would say that there plastic
      coatings were 'food-safe' because of liability reasons, but there are

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