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Re: Feast gear "dirty bags"

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  • julian wilson
    Hi, there. The idea of lined bags to carry your dirty feastgear home wortks very well, and whomever thought of it first deserves elevation in the Peerage of
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      Hi, there.
      The idea of lined bags to carry your dirty feastgear home wortks very well, and whomever thought of it first deserves elevation in the Peerage of their Kingdom for all the work if has saved tens-of-thousands of the World's Society Populace over the decades.
      Another source of an impermeable liners is a] old shower curtains.  b] the plastic sacks for shaving - for animal litter] or compost [ for your garden; or c] - the plastic sheet used as Vapour Barriers by builders [ [this is so tough it will last for years]. That plastic is substantially thicker than the normal carry-away bags one gets from  supermarket check-outs.
      Amy may I remind the List that - if you have Arms and wish to mark the  cloth outer covers to these "dirty bags" - - if you have a computer, and a printer, and a graphics programme installed, - then all you need is a packet of iron-on transfer paper - and you can print-out your Arms to apply to the dirt bags' covers - identifying them as YOURS. Really quick Emblazons. which are as washable as any transfer-printed "T-Shirt", and will certainly pass the "10-foot Rule".
      And while on that second subject, - iron-on transfers of your Arms or personal Devices also serve as excellent "cartoon" grounds upon which to do an embroidered version of your Armory, should you have the Craft Skills and the time..

      In Service to the Dream

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      Subject: Re: [SCA Newcomers] Feast gear
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      Date: Saturday, 21 March, 2009, 5:36 AM

      I still need a few things for my feast gear also, like a basket to carry it all in, napkins, and utensils.  Here is my suggestion for plates.  All of my feast gear was gifted to me by my friend Dave who has been in the SCA since it began pretty much.  In my box of goodies I found plain aluminum plates, the kind you get in the sporting goods section for camping.  They are affordable, and will be fine until you are able to get something else.  Hope this helps. 


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      Subject: [SCA Newcomers] Feast gear

      To: scanewcomers@ yahoogroups. com

      Date: Friday, March 20, 2009, 10:31 PM

      Ok our first event is coming up and I decided to go ahead and attend the feast. I am trying to gather all I need for feast gear and don't know what to do for some things. So far this is what I have...

      From Good Will

      Cloth napkins

      2 small brass candle holders

      A basket to carry everything in

      2 candles

      2 small glass corked bottles for salt and pepper OR 2 ceramic containers that are sealed with a metal clasp (these are kinda big)

      Wooden salad kit 9large wooden bowl with a salad spoon and fork and 4 small wooden bowl, though we are only taking two)

      I did buy a table cloth as well but I think it is for a round table. Not sure if I will bring this one or a Hungarian rectangle one.

      I still need...


      forks and spoons



      But what should I look for at the thrift shops for these items?

      And am I missing anything?



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