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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Minors and SCA

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  • Philip Packard
    Ok, so we do not proceed with assuming.  First each Kingdom can adjust the rules to suit their population. There are rules they have to follow, but they can
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      Ok, so we do not proceed with assuming.  First each Kingdom can adjust the rules to suit their population. There are rules they have to follow, but they can add additional rules beyond the standard SCA rules.  So make sure you know what your kingdom says in addition to the SCA rules.  Each Barony and Event can set their own rules with the approval of their Kingdom if needed.  In our Barony you must be 18+ to serve as an officer. Minors must have an legal guardian present at events and most activities, if not all. Pennsic requires minors have guardians registered and with the minor.  You need to know where you kingdom, barony or shire stands on this very good question.  Do not assume based on what someone thinks, you might be disappointed not knowing the facts and going to an event you cannot attend. 
      To join the SCA you must have your legal guardian register you untill you are 18.  As I mentioned before it is the world we live in.
      Here is what the SCA says on the subject; http://www.sca.org/docs/pdf/scafaq.pdf


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      Quoth Philip Packard:
      > Offically you are very limited as to what you can do?=A0 Each Kingdom might=

      I'm pretty sure the only society-wide limitations are that
      you cannot hold an office where you would have to handle money.
      In many kingdoms, you have to be 18 to participate in the full-
      fledge forms of combat, but a lot of kingdoms have programs in
      place for minors who want to participate in version of heavy
      fighting or fencing.

      If you're not going to be attending in the company of one of
      your legal guardians, then there will be some waivers and
      paperwork that you need to bring with you; your kingdom
      minister of youth or seneschal can give you the details specific
      to your area.

      I joined the SCA when I was a few months shy of my 14th birthday,
      and I was lucky enough to have a set of "adoptive" SCA parents
      that my own parents (who weren't really that interested in
      participating) knew and trusted who shephered me around to events
      and things. Before I turned 18 I served as local herald, deputy
      chatelaine, deputy chronicler, and minister of youth for the
      principality of Northshield. I occasionally shot some archery,
      regularly went to dance practice, and tried my hand at calligraphy
      and illumination, bardic activities, and sewing. There's *a lot*
      you can do as a minor.


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    • bronwynmgn@aol.com
      In a message dated 3/4/2009 8:40:07 AM Eastern Standard Time, lacrymosafan@yahoo.com writes:
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        In a message dated 3/4/2009 8:40:07 AM Eastern Standard Time,
        lacrymosafan@... writes:

        <<I've been wanting to join the SCA for almost two years now, but I'm only
        15. My parents and older siblings are not into this kind of thing, but I haven't
        found anything saying that I can or cannot join and attend meetings without
        my parents.

        What are the rules for that sort of thing? I'll have my drivers license by
        the end of the year, and plan to join if I can as soon as possible. Though I
        don't really know much about the program, my Aunt and Uncle are in it and I'm
        very into things like this. >>

        Hi, Amelia,
        As others have said, the answer to this question is going to be somewhat
        kingdom-specific. Where I am, in the East Kingdom, it's not uncommon for minors
        to attend some events with a non-parent adult who is officially responsible for
        them. In fact, my husband and I used to serve as SCA parents for a
        15-year-old young man from our local area. Basically, he would check with the autocrat
        (person in charge of the event) as to whether he could come or not and what
        he needed to provide in terms of paperwork. Usually he would need to have a
        minor's waiver form signed by his parents beforehand and bring it with him to
        the event. On site, it was recognized that we were the adults in charge of him,
        and if there were any issues they would be brought to us (there never
        were...Noah was a delight to have around). We never took him over state borders to
        get to an event. Some sites which are rented for events have more specific
        rules; Pennsic has been mentioned, and the site owners there are adamant that no
        one under 18 is to be on-site without either a parent or a legal guardian,
        with the paperwork to prove it, on site at the same time.
        If your aunt and uncle are involved, they might be a very good set of SCA
        parents for you.

        If you can let us know where you are located (real world terms are fine), we
        can probably help you find out what the specific rules are in your area.

        Brangwayna Morgan
        Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
        Lancaster, PA
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