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    In a message dated 1/18/2009 10:43:04 PM Eastern Standard Time, tigerlover1998@yahoo.com writes:
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      In a message dated 1/18/2009 10:43:04 PM Eastern Standard Time,
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      <<I am in the Kingdom of An Tir in the shire of Danescombe (I live in

      I believe I am going to attend the event in Westbank on January 31st.
      What should I do before then??>>

      1. Send in a reservation for the event, especially if they are providing
      food. It makes it much easier for the event staff to purchase the correct amount
      of food if most people attending pre-register for it. The information to do
      so should be in the event announcement. I'd also suggest sending a short note
      introducing yourself and telling them that you are new to the SCA, so they
      will know that you may need a bit more guidance than the average event goer. If
      you have food allergies or requirements (such being a vegetarian, say), you
      can also notify them of this; usually some provision is made, even if it is only
      to tell you which dishes you should not eat.

      2. Similarly, get in contact with the Chatelaine/Hospitaler ahead of time, so
      that that person can help you with getting what you need for the event or
      finding loaner things for you if you need them. If there isn't one listed, the
      seneschal or chapter president is expected to fulfill that role.

      3. You will need some sort of garb - clothing that looks like that worn
      before 1600. If you already have some renfaire garb or something, that will do
      fine for your first event. If not, don't panic; most local groups either have a
      selection of loaner garb, or there are people in the group who are willing to
      loan their own garb to newcomers. The chatelaine/hospitaler (or failing one
      of those, the seneschal) will be able to assist you with that.

      4. You'll at least need something to drink out of, and if there is food
      being served you are expected to provide your own feast gear or table service. At
      minimum, a plate, a bowl, and utensils. There's no requirement that these
      look medieval, but it's best to avoid blatantly modern looking things. In a
      pinch, a ceramic mug, or glass or good-looking plastic goblet will do fine for
      drinks. Wooden, metal, or ceramic plate and bowl, and just go with normal
      silverware for now. You may also want a cloth napkin. Again, your local group may
      either have some to loan or members of the group may be willing to loan. If
      you have your won, a simple basket or even a plain pillowcase or canvas bag to
      carry them in (also gives you a place to stash your wallet and such when you
      are in garb). Include a plastic bag to put the dirty dishes in for the trip

      Other than that, try not to be too nervous, and be prepared to have fun and,
      if you see a spot to, help out. SCA events run on volunteer labor pretty much
      exclusively, so more hands are always welcome, and helping out is a great way
      to get to know people. Even if it's just helping to arrange tables and
      chairs, or chopping a few veggies for dinner, or finding a broom to sweep the hall
      at the end of the event.

      Brangwayna Morgan
      Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      Lancaster, PA
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    • Colleen
      WOW!! Thanks for all the great advice! I will also be bringing my son with me (he s 14 and very interested in the times).
      Message 2 of 7 , Jan 19, 2009
        WOW!! Thanks for all the great advice! I will also be bringing my son
        with me (he's 14 and very interested in the times).
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