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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Re: mundane coats of arms (was: Armour and Heraldry)

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  • Ziddinaaitzumar@comcast.net
    Great post! Ziddina ... From: Jeff Gedney ... My family also has carried arms. I think I have a good idea what the feeling is behind
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 17, 2008
      Great post! Ziddina

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      From: "Jeff Gedney" <gedney@...>
      > My family has it's own coat of arms. Would I be able to register it
      > and bear it without being granted the right to bear a coat of arms?

      My family also has carried arms. I think I have a good idea what the
      feeling is behind your question.

      Registration and display are two separate things and not necessarily

      You can display anything you like at any time in the SCA.
      But without registration, someone exle can do it as well, and there is
      nothing you can do about it if "Joe Mudeater of the Reeking Cesspit"
      displays your family arms as well. In fact, you would have NO recourse
      whatsoever if he registers that device and if he does he can ask YOU to
      take YOUR device down at events!

      So you CAN display it.

      A number of years ago the SCA's College of Heralds's made some sweeping
      changes to the "Rules for Submission" that removed the necessity for
      having differences from all real world heraldry as well as all SCA
      generated heraldry. This was a good thing, because to pass that rule,
      the SCA's heraldy was getting very complex, and it was not very
      medieval looking, having to meet this requirement.

      Removal of this rule meant that it was now possible to submit your
      family's device unaltered and have it pass (it is worthwhile to note,
      however, that having such a device does not guaranee passage.
      Many 'realworld' devices uses colorings or elements that are post
      period, and they are not therefore likely to pass. A device that has a
      train locomotive, for example, will not pass.

      That said, it is, as has been pointed out, a bit of a cheat to do this.

      The SCA is about learning by doing, and learning a bit about heraldry
      and medieval naming is the main reason you are not simply ASSIGNED
      names and arms, as is done in some other organizations.

      I learned a great deal about medieval usages, Heraldic and naming, and
      that prompted me into learning more about the culture of the time and
      place than I had thought possible or even that I would enjoy it. The
      result of this small nudge into learning pushed me into a love of
      things medieval that has stood me in fine stead all these many years

      FWIW, my device used as a design model my family's arms, and I varied
      the colors and charges to personalize it to me. The result was a fine
      late period device design with a strong tie to my mundane self as well
      as my medieval self. I am very satisfied with it.

      Capt Elias
      Dragonship Haven, East
      (Stratford, CT, USA.)

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