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Re: Semi-sort-of-a Newbie

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  • sca_chimera
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    Message 1 of 13 , Nov 4 3:55 PM
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      > Greetings.
      > I am aware that this particular group site is for newbie questions
      > and answers. But, i am hoping that i can be of help with the offer
      > of encourement to other newbies. I dont have a question, but
      > something i would like to express.
      > I have been an SCA member for a year now, but not really an active
      > participant so to speak. I come to learn i live in what is refered
      > to as..."the abyss" of Trimaris (florida). It is a 3 to 4 county
      > that hasnt any active groups to participate with. Its frustrating
      > because i want to be part of something and enjoy my newest
      > Through diligence and reaching out, i have come to gain a few
      > friendships with some people who live some distance from me.
      > In that, i had recently been given the opportunity to travel with
      > few friends to Pennsic XXXVII. Not only was it my first Pennsic,
      > it was my first SCA event. Prior to that i was ready to give up on
      > new interest. Not anymore.
      > As a Pennsic/SCA event virgin (the title i gained), i was welcomed,
      > befriended and given a wealth of info as i asked. Soon i will be
      > attending my first crown list with the assistance of another friend
      > who lives 4 hours away. I will have the opportunity to meet
      > of my kingdom to include (hopefully) many of the royals. That will
      > be such a tremendous honor and privelide. It will also give me the
      > opportunity to be a sponge and gain even more knowledge and insight.
      > My encourement to other newbies. If its what you want, dont give
      > It will take a little time to connect in some areas. But while i
      > bided my time makeing those connections and friends, i was
      > researching to create my personna and making garb. Reach out and
      > definately ask questions. You would be surprised at how much so
      > will share and be open.
      > Thank you for this opportunity to speak in this forum. If i can
      > answer anyones questions i will definately do my best to be of
      > assistance. Even as a newbie.
    • Justinos Tekton
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      Message 2 of 13 , Nov 4 9:04 PM
        On Wed, 2008-11-05 at 00:02 +0000, sca_chimera wrote:
        > Ok, talk about a newbie, this will be my second attempt to post
        > something. Hopefully I will do this one a bit better!

        Sorry for the approval delay. I was offline all day today due to a
        modern-world volunteer commitment.

        Kind regards,

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