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Killing 25 Historical Fiction and Medieval Blogs with One Stone

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  • Nan Hawthorne
    Locate this article with all links at http://medieval- novels.cblogspot.com . Monday, October 6, 2008 Killing 25 Blogs With One Stone What a joy to find all
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      Locate this article with all links at http://medieval-
      novels.cblogspot.com .

      Monday, October 6, 2008

      Killing 25 Blogs With One Stone

      What a joy to find all these wonderful blogs about history and
      historical fiction, particularly as they focus for the most part on
      the Middle Ages! And what a pain to have to remember them all and
      check each one, one at a time, to see if the blog has a recent update
      and is about something of interest to you.

      Am I right?

      Take heart! Tales from Shield-wall Books
      http://nanhawthorne.blogspot.com contains an up-to-date list of 25
      (so far) of these blogs, complete with a snippet of the current entry
      and when it was last updated! One visit to Tales from Shield-wall
      Books http://nanhawthorne.blogspot.com and a glance down the right
      hand column to "Divers Parfit Blogges" and there they are.. every
      time you visit.

      Have a favorite you don't see below? If it fits our criteria, which I
      think is pretty obvious from the list below, then let us know about
      it and we will add it.

      One Bookmark, Every Blog

      The following snippets are listed by most recent updates as of this

      That's All She Read
      A Pawn for a Queen by Fiona Buckley - *A Pawn for a Queen* Fiona
      Buckley, An Ursula Blanchard Mystery in Queen Elizabeth's Court This
      mystery answered a question for me, I think. A lifelong ...
      1 hour ago

      Got Medieval
      The Monkey Apocalypse (Mmm... Marginalia) - OK, folks. It has been
      pointed out several times that this blog has become unduly concerned--
      perhaps even obsessed--with monkeys. That's a fair cop.* But b...
      1 hour ago

      Medieval History, Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Writing Fiction
      Medieval Historical Fantasy Novel: The Lions of al-Rassan - The Lions
      of al-Rassan by Guy Gavriel Kay Paperback: 528 pages Publisher: Eos
      (June 2005) Average Customer Review on Amazon: 4.5 stars (108
      Reviews) Editor...
      4 hours ago

      Favorite PASTimes
      Speaking the Language - Happy Monday, everyone! Hope you had a great
      weekend. I'd match the weather in Ohio right now against anyone's--
      absolutely beautiful!! I had the pleasure o...
      10 hours ago

      Latest Activity on Historical Fiction Books
      J. M. Hochstetler added the blog post 'The American Patriot Series Is
      Being Read by Middle Schoolers' - [image: J. M. Hochstetler] J. M.
      Hochstetler added the blog post 'The American Patriot Series Is Being
      Read by Middle Schoolers'
      23 hours ago

      Carla Nayland Historical Fiction
      Hips and haws - Autumn is a time of plenty for anything that can eat
      berries. Every hedge seems to be laden with berries, mainly bright
      red (hawthorn, rose hips, rowan) or...
      1 day ago

      General random bullets-duck! - *Can you believe they don't have the
      Nightrunner series at the Norfolk libraries? Unreal. *Yanno, when we
      have our election I'm going to post extensively...
      2 days ago

      Getting Medieval
      Live! From Bouchercon Baltimore - Once again I will be coming to you
      Live!from Bouchercon, the biggest mystery fan convention in the U.S.--
      possibly anywhere. I will be on a panel on Thursday,...
      2 days ago

      Heroine Addiction
      What's a "Strong" Woman, Anyway? - Rrprinted with permission from
      Musings from an Endangered Species - the Reader. By Greta Marlow,
      writing as Augustine Peach It's funny how themes in cur...
      3 days ago

      A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe
      Weird funerary archaeology (some more) - Gentles all, though I know
      for a fact that you are all well-spoken well-mannered people of clean
      minds and pure interests, all the same nothing I have ever...
      3 days ago

      The Lost Fort
      Nano 2008 - Lords of War - Here we go. It's a prequel to *Kings and
      Rebels*, basically the result of the fact that the Kormac Halvdanson
      stories didn't want to stay short stories. I...
      3 days ago

      Elizabeth Chadwick: Living The History
      Published Today! - I'm in the middle of writing a longer post about
      the whereabouts of Newbury Castle, which I'll post the middle of next
      week just prior to the publication o...
      4 days ago

      A Commonplace Book
      Staggeringly Recursive Marginalia Jokes - Got Medieval has a splendid
      post on an extended and erudite joke expressed by a grotesque figure
      in the margins of a medieval MS. If you have any illusions...
      4 days ago

      Medieval Novels Monthly for October 2008 - *Medieval Novels Monthly*
      October 2008 Volume 1 Number 3 Editor: Nan Hawthorne In This Issue
      [NEWS] Latest news from medieval-novels.com [SPECIAL FEATURE...
      5 days ago

      Countess Constance Markiewicz 1868 - 1927 - By Nan Hawthorne
      Constance Georgine Gore-Booth was born in 1868 in London, the
      daughter of a renowned Antarctic explorer. The Gore-Booths were
      5 days ago

      HISTORICAL BOYS: Historical Fiction for Men and Women
      Guest post from Jeri Westerson, author of VEIL OF LIES - I'm
      delighted to present this guest post from author Jeri Westerson,
      author of the Medieval Noir debut, *VEIL OF LIES*. Her novel will be
      released by St. ...
      6 days ago

      Writing the Renaissance
      Two by Two - The important women in François I's life seem to come in
      pairs. The king spent the first two decades of his life in close
      relationship with his mother and ...
      6 days ago

      Reading, Raving, and Ranting by a Historical Fiction Writer
      Home Again, with Pictures! - Me and My Hennin: Don't Mess With Guys
      Carrying These: The Woodville Family: (Well, I thought that last Coca-
      Cola I drank tasted a little strange.) I di...
      6 days ago

      Reading the Past
      An interview with Andromeda Romano-Lax - Andromeda Romano-Lax's *The
      Spanish Bow* depicts, through the personal stories of two musicians,
      the complex, fraught relationship between politics and the...
      2 weeks ago

      Crispin Guest
      Relics - St. Matthew's Day, the year of Our Lord 1384 I do fear God's
      retribution, for I am living my penance each day. And I pay my church
      tithes...whenever possible...
      2 weeks ago

      Interview with Barbara Quick, Author of Vivaldi's Virgins - I'm
      always on the prowl for novels with Italy as a setting, especially
      historicals. One of the best books I read this year was Vivaldi's
      Virgins by Barba...
      2 weeks ago

      Geoffrey Chaucer Hath An Extreme Blog: Go England! It ys Rad!
      by H. Bolingbroke) *Bakers and Bakesteres, Hippers and Hips...
      3 weeks ago

      Lighting up Britain's Dark Ages
      Book #4 finally has a title - After two years of working on the
      fourth book in the Macsen's Treasure series, I've finally settled on
      a title: A Land Beyond Ravens. All of the book title...
      4 weeks ago

      Yesterday Revisited
      THe President's Lady by Irving Stone - Some things never change....Or
      rather, the more they change, the more they remain the same. In this
      time of political campaigns, I am reminded of this book...
      5 weeks ago

      1066 the Movie (King Harold II) - MySpace Blog
      1066- the Normans and the papal flag? - Papal banners were only ever
      issued during this era to endorse wars against muslims or against
      those who had rebelled against Papal authority (Harold had n...
      5 weeks ago

      More Historical Fiction Blogs

      The Macaronis
      Coming this week on the Macaronis - Bah for the season of mists and
      mellow fruitfulness! It's pissing it down in Norforlk, UK. Hope it's
      nicer where you are. This week we are playful and poet...
      1 day ago

      Versailles and more
      "La Petite Reine" is not Marie-Antoinette - Don't feel bad if you
      believed otherwise: I did too, along with many curators and art
      historians. Of course I thought the face was rounder than in most
      of ...
      4 days ago

      A Writer's Heart
      Writing, rugs and romance - Hi, Y'all. I can't believe it has been
      over three weeks since I posted. No, I am not dead. Writing: So. the
      last post was all about revising my thesis nove...
      2 weeks ago

      Mirella Patzer
      Favourite Links - Anita Davison Anne Whitfield Antiquarian's Attic
      Brandy Purdy CLEWS Christopher Gortner Damn Interesting Dump Diggers
      Elizabeth Chadwick Executed ...
      3 weeks ago

      Baroque Explorations
      La Grande Mademoiselle - I'm currently researching the life of La
      Grande Mademoiselle — it's dramatic, brave, and sad. Today, I found
      this wonderful summary of her life on the net,...
      4 weeks ago

      Remember, let us know if you have a favorite blog you would like the
      convenience of checking just once along with other favorites already
      listed on Tales from Shield-wall Books

      Posted by Nan Hawthorne at 2:36 PM
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