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Re: rapier fencing gear

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  • David Roland
    Greetings! Minimum Society wide standard is i. The front and top of the head must be covered by rigid material to below the jaw line and behind the ears.
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      Greetings! Minimum Society wide standard is "i. The front and top of
      the head must be covered by rigid material to below the jaw line and
      behind the ears. Standard 12 kg fencing masks are known to meet this
      standard. If built to this standard, fencing helms are also acceptable."
      per the "Society for Creative Anachronism, inc Rapier Marshal's
      Handbook" Pg. 7 Link to the handbook is below.


      However, as you have been told before, you're kingdom may have more
      stringent requirements. In other words you may need to have a better
      mask than the society minimum standard. The two kingdoms that I fence
      in regularly, Northshield and Middle Kingdom, both hold to the society

      I am all for the beginner mantra of, "get the best equipment they can
      afford." Keep in mind though that while there is great cheap stuff out
      there that you check with a fully authorized marshal of your kingdom
      BEFORE purchasing anything if you are buying stuff for the first time.

      If you don't have a marshal nearby to ask, you should be able to e-mail
      a nearby marshal who has answers. Some examples of places to look for
      the appropriate marshal (rapier, heavy, thrown weapons etc.) Your local
      groups website, local barony or province's website, local principality's
      website and last, and certainly the kingdom authority, your kingdom
      rapier marshal should be able to be found on your kingdom website. Any
      of which will likely be happy to make sure you get good safe equipment
      in lines with the standards of your kingdom.

      Safety first. Always safety first. If you don't know, don't get it.
      It isn't worth getting hurt to get started sooner.

      Having looked at the website, I do not recognize it. Also I personally
      do not know if 400 newtons is equivalent to a 12 kg mask. I can say
      however that cloth fencing armor (commercial "spectra" not our handmade
      stuff) is required in Middle Kingdom to be a minimum of 500 newtons or

      Again, check with a marshal. Start as local as you can, and if you
      either can't find them or reach them, then go up the chain until you get
      an answer.

      Ian the Green

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      > Hey, just had a quick question about the legality of this fencing
      > http://www.blue-gauntlet.com/store/products/305
      > I don't really know anyone who's bought from them so any info on the
      > gear or the company would be greatly appreciated.
      > YIS
      > Cailin Mac Ruadhri

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