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Re: [SCA Newcomers] my wife and I are wondering..

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      <<We are wondering what a basic startup kit would include. Such as
      clothing, equipment, and misc supplies.>>

      Well, in the SCA this is somewhat easier than in most re-enactment
      organizations, because you are not expected to have a completely accurate kit of
      everything before you can attend events.

      The one truly required thing is a set of clothes for each of you that is an
      attempt at clothing from before 1600. Basically, if you can look at a few
      medieval or renaissance paintings and come up with something that looks like
      what is in the painting, you have a set of acceptable clothes for events. And
      in some groups, you don't even need to do this for your first few events;
      most groups have some loaner clothing available that you can borrow until you
      learn how to make or get your own.

      Other things that are helpful are a small pouch that you can wear on a belt
      to carry things like your wallet or any necessary medications in; perhaps a
      small basket to carry larger items in, with a cover (can be a piece of cloth)
      to hide very modern things; some feast gear if you plan to eat at the event
      and something to carry it in; and if it is a camping or overnight event,
      whatever you need for either tent camping or staying in a rented cabin that does
      not come with bedding.

      Feast gear is, basically, a plate, bowl, cup, and utensils for each of you;
      these needn't be fancy but shouldn't be made of bright plastic either.
      Wooden, simple ceramic, metal, glass, or even a neutral color plastic that isn't
      glaringly obvious are fine. You can also include, if you are so inclined,
      cloth napkins, a tablecloth, and some candles if these are allowed in your area
      (some places don't allow them due to modern fire regulations). These can be
      kept in a basket or a large sack, and it's often helpful to bring a plastic
      garbage bag to stow the dirty dishes in until you get home.

      Modern bedding and camping gear is perfectly fine, although in some places
      the areas where you can set up a modern tent may be restricted to an area
      further away from where the main activities of the event are happening.

      Brangwayna Morgan
      Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      Lancaster, PA

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