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FW: [SCA Newcomers] Where to purchase rapier?

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  • Kyla
    When I asked my guy for suggestions, he sent me this: Tabitha Pennywarden Ravenslake, Midlands Middle Kingdom There are multiple issues here. First, is one
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2008
      When I asked my guy for suggestions, he sent me this:
      Tabitha Pennywarden
      Ravenslake, Midlands
      Middle Kingdom

      There are multiple issues here.

      First, is one blade better than another?

      Second, is there a perceived difference?

      As to the first, it is not the blade but the guard that really makes a
      difference between the Zen and the Darkwood bated rapier.

      The Zen blade is shorter and the company makes up the difference by placing
      their guard behind the fort of the blade by two inches. That upsets the
      balance vibration point and "agility" and all kinds of other things that
      demand a much longer document.

      As for SCA use, they both flex and they both have a semi triangular
      cross-section that can be used to push an opponent's blade out of your
      presence. The Darkwood bated is more tapered than the Zen but I doubt that
      the instructor has mentioned that as the reason.

      The second and more important factor is the perception associated with the

      If you purchase something that your son's instructor said is "not good" then
      you have dashed your son's hopes of ever becoming the best fencer ever and
      proven that you don't love him. Or something to that effect. This is
      probably the most important of any of the factors involved.

      Personally, I moved away from Zen blades because of the guards.

      I like what they look like, but the difference in balance is noticeable.

      I have seen people adjust the guards and then they have to add two inches to
      the handle so that they can screw the pommel on. Their blade is now
      slightly smaller and they have to deal with a long handle.

      We recently tried a cheap (about $120) Hanwei practice blade that came with
      a cheap guard.

      I found it too flexible but my lady likes the idea of the very soft touch it

      The balance is useable and the cross section comparable.

      Will it pass with the instructor? I cannot say.


      CISH1098 Cas Iberia Hanwei Practical Rapier 43"" Blade $114.95

      At this point, I rely on my Darkwoods and I feel that the money was well

      I would like to say that the investment will last a lifetime, but I cannot.

      All of these are being flexed as part of regular use and will eventually
      pass their elasticity threshold (or something else that sounds cool and
      means that they will break).

      I hope that helped and was not just "more confusion."

      Dycon Gestour

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      Subject: FW: [SCA Newcomers] Where to purchase rapier?

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      Subject: [SCA Newcomers] Where to purchase rapier?

      Greetings to all.

      My son started fencing lessons about a year ago, then about six months
      ago met someone who teaches rapier. It has been his passion ever
      since. In exchange for attending a summer math acadamy, we agreed to
      buy him a rapier. Now the time has come to pay the piper. He is set
      on a sword from Darkwood Armoury as recommended by his instructor, but
      I am hoping someone can give me good reasons to start with a less
      expensive blade.

      His aunt is making him a shirt that should meet SCA combat
      specifications. Any other suggestions for the newbie fencer will be
      welcome. Thanks.


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