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RE: [SCA Newcomers] Hello - Newbie here

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  • Kyla
    Hello Dashleea, And welcome to the SCA! There are some terrific resources available on the Society website, Have you looked at that, yet? http://www.sca.org/
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      Hello Dashleea,

      And welcome to the SCA!

      There are some terrific resources available on the Society website, Have you
      looked at that, yet?


      If you look in the "New To The SCA' link, there is information on how to
      find your local group by zip code, or interactive map, there is info about
      how to create a persona, and what the Society for Creative Anachronism is
      really all about.

      There's stuff on how to choose a name, and some databases to search for

      From what you have written here, you seem to be an excellent web-researcher.
      That's mostly what people in the SCA do - research, not only on line, but in
      books, museums and historical sites.
      We have governing documents which cover how the paperwork in the SCA is
      filled out, but we all do our own research.
      There is no one single body of research that we go by, and yes, some of the
      information is confusing and some of it is contradictory.
      There are also such variables as which time period, and which country or
      region you are interested in studying.
      While the core time periods and locations for re-enactment in the SCA are
      medieval and renaissance Europe and England, no one is restricted to that.
      The only real restriction I have found so far, other than human nature, is
      the cut off date of 1600.

      Good luck with your researches, investigate the SCA website - it has a lot
      to offer in terms of basic research already done - and let us know how
      things are going for you!

      Tabitha Pennywarden
      Ravenslake, Midlands
      Middle Kingdom

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      I am new to SCA. I live in Hamptonville, NC (Yadkin Co.)
      I am looking to meet people in my area.

      I kind of tripped over SCA about a year ago while I was studying
      Medieval and Religious history. (Self study thu MIT Open Course-ware)

      I met someone on-line at the time that told me about SCA and a few
      things I needed to know before joining. i.e.
      -War of the roses (WotR)
      -the hundred year war
      -clothing of the time period
      -crafts, foods and lifestyle of the time period
      So, I started reading almost everything I could find in the form of
      books; But I found I had a problem with the War of the Roses.
      Different people's accounts were not the same - Battle information
      was different.
      So, I dropped the (WotR) for the moment and studied Paleography thu
      the British Museum website and started transcribing text, learning
      Latin, Anglo-Saxon and old English.

      I am looking to find the information source of the above topic that
      SCA refers to as a self study program. i.e. What historical record
      does this group go by? And what does a person need to know
      as 'general knowledge' on the topics.

      I am also taking a 12th century costume class on-line and looking at
      a scribe class via the web.

      I do not have a SCA name or profile yet. I am very interested in the
      1100-1300 Time frame. So, if there is someone out there that
      helps 'newbies' with this I would appreciate any and all assistance.

      Thank you in advance,
      Please email me at Dashleea@...

      Dashleea is not my real name, but my WWW name. Can I also use this
      name as my SCA name? Or is it to modern - made up sounding?

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