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Re: name "Sherney" (was: Dun Or)

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  • Sara
    Thank you so much for your help! You ve given me a lot of information to go from, and I really appreciate it. I ll look into all of this, and see what comes of
    Message 1 of 5 , May 1, 2008
      Thank you so much for your help! You've given me a lot of information
      to go from, and I really appreciate it. I'll look into all of this,
      and see what comes of it. I do have a list of other names, but I
      wanted to pursue this first.
      Thank you again!

      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, Coblaith Mhuimhneach
      <Coblaith@...> wrote:
      > Sara of Dun Or, in Caid wrote:
      > > As for persona, I'm trying to figure out a name. My
      > > maiden name was Sherney. . .I can't find any information on the
      > > . .I'd really like to have a period name. . .So I'd really like
      > > know where the name 'Sherney' came from, and any older versions
      of the
      > > name.
      > Well, according to Ancestry.com, families named "Sherney"
      immigrated to
      > the U.S. from Ireland, Scotland, and England in the 19th and early
      > centuries <http://www.ancestry.com/facts/Sherney-places-
      > I found a catalog of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire estate papers
      > <http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/mss/collections/online-mss-catalogues/
      > cats/port_londonple_nottsales1.html> that includes a reference to
      > "Sherney Field" in the parish of Annesley, Nottinghamshire. It's
      in a
      > 20th-century bill of sale, so it's not evidence that the name was
      > in period, but it does add to the evidence that it might be English.
      > I also found a passage in a book by a Scottish author (_The
      > Writings of Dougal Graham, "Skellat" Bellman of Glasgow_
      > <http://books.google.com/books?
      > pg=PA235&dq=sherney&id=BnseAAAAMAAJ&output=html>) in which the
      > "sherney-tail'd" is used as a pejorative. It's possible
      that "sherney"
      > is a colloquial English, Gaelic, or Anglicized Gaelic noun or
      > adjective.
      > Your next move should be to check the sources on period names for
      > mentioned countries, to see whether you can find any that look or
      > similar. If that doesn't work, see if you can find a Gaelic-
      > dictionary or someone who speaks Gaelic who can tell you whether
      > something that sounds like "Sherney" is used in Gaelic in other
      > contexts, and if so how it's spelled. Then you can look for names
      > look like *that*. I can ask the heralds that specialize in names
      > the British Isles to see what they can find, if you'd like me to.
      > contact me off-list to let me know. (My address is below.)
      > Or you could just look at lists of period names and pick something
      > like. It's much easier.
      > Coblaith Mhuimhneach
      > Barony of Bryn Gwlad
      > Kingdom of Ansteorra
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