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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Opinions needed:

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  • Briana Delaney
    yes, 1500 s. No the affair was not to be long. It was only a day or two... Hearing of me he kidnapped me though. I wouldn t say I was permitted, so much as
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 22, 2008
      yes, 1500's. No the affair was not to be long. It was only a day or
      two... Hearing of me he kidnapped me though. I wouldn't say I was
      permitted, so much as ran away for a while. Doesn't mean I didn't lie
      about what happened when I got back either! My mother, I think, was
      already depressed by her situation in life. (Ever reached that "last
      straw" moment?)
      Stop gap yeah...
      And maybe he got married again, and the woman turned out to be
      infertile... or something.
      I may change it up some, but the basic story is what I want.

      On 2/22/08, bronwynmgn@... <bronwynmgn@...> wrote:
      > First, give us a time frame. I seem to remember that you wanted to be late
      > period?
      > I think it's reasonably plausible that a nobleman might have raped a farm
      > girl (or at least put her in a position where she wouldn't have much choice
      > in
      > the matter), unlikely that he would have carried on a prolonged affair with
      > one.
      > I think that checking the inheritance laws of the time and place might be
      > important here. It's entirely possible that a nephew, brother, or other
      > legitimate member of the noble family would have been preferred as an heir
      > as
      > compared to an illegitimate daughter. Besides, how sure can the nobleman
      > be that
      > he's the father? If he forced himself on the mother, who else might have?
      > Or maybe the mother had more than one lover. It is more likely that the
      > nobleman would have married again and tried to get a legitimate heir.
      > After all,
      > we are talking multiple years here between the death of his wife and son
      > and
      > the time when this girl even seems to be expected to inherit. Even if she
      > had been declared his heir shortly after the death of the legitimate heir
      > as a
      > stop gap measure, she would have been superceded by any later legitimate
      > children.
      > In the unlikely event that the girl would have been adopted, I find it even
      > more unlikely given the Christian precepts of the time that the mother
      > would
      > have committed suicide. She might even have been pleased that the daughter
      > had a chance to get away from the farm.
      > It is extraordinarily unlikely that a girl who was the only heir of a
      > nobleman would have been permitted to make a dangerous world tour - the
      > whole point
      > of him adopting her was to secure the succession, why would he now allow
      > her
      > to go off and risk her life traveling? Certainly it is not a decision that
      > she would have been allowed to make on her own, and if she did she would
      > likely have been disinherited. I'm not even sure the concept of "making a
      > word
      > tour" on coming of age was even conceived of at that time. Even in the
      > eras
      > when it was common, after SCA period, it was common for young men only, not
      > daughters.
      > It is far more likely that, had the girl even been adopted, that she would
      > have been kept at home and married young, so that there would be a man to
      > administer the estates and deal with the legal and military issues related
      > to the
      > inheritance. I'm not familiar with Scandinavian law, but that is almost
      > certainly what would have happened in England.
      > Overall, I find the accident of birth plausible, but the rest of the tale
      > very far off from being even close to historically possible, much less
      > accurate. Doesn't mean you can't use it; I've certainly heard even less
      > historically
      > plausible persona stories. But if you are looking for a historically
      > plausible history to go with your very nice historical name, this isn't it.
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