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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Suggestions on tents.

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    In a message dated 1/24/2008 6:51:14 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, cas46per@yahoo.com writes:
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      In a message dated 1/24/2008 6:51:14 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
      cas46per@... writes:

      <<While i met with the folks from tent masters, i would like others
      feedback on them and other companies as well. or if you know of some one
      wanting to sell a tent .. please let me know.>>

      We have a Tentmaster's 18' x 24' oval marquee and we love it. We've had it
      for 6 years with no major problems, and the folks at Tentmasters are great to
      deal with. We have friends who have two Tentmaster's tents, one of which is
      20 years old and still going strong.

      You mention having up to 5 adults sleeping in it. That's going to be tough
      to find if the adults have any significant amount of gear. We have two
      adults and a three-year-old in ours and, while it could hardly be described as
      cramped, it seems much tighter than we thought it would. Of course, we go in
      for furniture in a big way; we have a double-size take-down four poster bed
      with canopy and curtains, and our son sleeps on an old trundle bed frame that my
      husband and I used to use before we got the big bed. We also have a trestle
      table and a coupe of trunks and stuff. You could easily deal with 5 adults,
      each with a cot and a footlocker, and still have a good bit of room.

      Brangwayna Morgan
      Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
      Lancaster, PA

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