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Re: [SCA Newcomers] You should see the insides of authentic Elizabethan Garb! (was Arts & Sciences SCA

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  • Ziddinaaitzumar@comcast.net
    Hoo! Boy, did they [English Elizabethan tailors] take shortcuts! They didn t line their garments - at least, anywhere that the interior of the garment would
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      Hoo! Boy, did they [English Elizabethan tailors] take shortcuts! They didn't line their garments - at least, anywhere that the interior of the garment would NOT be seen! If I remember right (contact me if you want page # and book, author, etc.) they used beeswax mixed with something else to act as medieval "FrayCheck". They didn't always sew the [cut] edges of their 'slashed' items - and so on! Ziddina

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      From: "Sandra" <sandra.rangel16@...>
      Correct me if I wrong but isn't close if not near to impossible to
      create something 100% authenitic? As far as art/sci is concerned
      isn't there also a limit on how far out you can begin a project? I
      think without the help of others it is practicily impossible for
      oneself to do so. Well that is along the lines of say garb.. because
      you could do somthing as simple as soap. I think when i approach
      authencity I figure if someone is goign to look at my garb and pick
      on me because I used a sewing machine or didn't use period shears
      (like you can really tell??) I will just "smile and nod". I love the
      stars wars and LOTR costumes and did a lot of researchign online (of
      course I won't be strolling around an SCA events liek that...) and
      was amazed when I was given the rare glance of what the inside of the
      real movie garments looked like! Complete opposite of what the
      outside looked like... it's hard to describe but it's amazing how
      many corners hollywood cuts and their costumes are fabolous. I feel
      as long as someone knows how they should be doing things medieval
      style but for budget reason cannot that should be good. Please keep
      this email for reference in the event someday I become a laurel and
      forget these things! :)

      Hope everyone is having a great 2008!

      (Insipient) Shire of Trystelle Tre
      Kingdom of Trimaris
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      <goofy4@...> wrote:
      > At 10:04 PM 12/30/2007, you wrote:
      > >I agree. I admire authenticity but it is hard to do
      > >on a budget I am building my outfit little by little.
      > >Patrick
      > That's how we ALL do it, Patrick. Very few people start out even
      > CLOSE to authentic.
      > I camped in nylon tents for years. I bartered for my pavilion, and
      > it's a small one. (10.5 diameter, but plenty big enough for one
      > person.) I still have a nylon chair, and it's only over the past
      > years that I've moved on to all linen and wool garb. You shoulda
      > what I started with....
      > It's a process. And as you progress, you discover that, without
      > the way it was done to begin with is more practical and more
      > comfortable. My pavilion is infinitely more comfortable than the
      > nylon tent, and there's just no comparison between linen or wool
      > fabrics, and cotton or synthetics. It's easier to manipulate
      > with your hands than a sewing machine. (Doesn't stop me from using
      > machine though!)
      > Laurensa

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