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Re: [SCA Newcomers] coat of arms

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  • Signora Beatrice
    ... Carrie, thank you for your support, and I m glad you had such a positive experience with the Heralds. Unfortunately, there are a few things that can happen
    Message 1 of 10 , Jan 3, 2008
      --- Carrie McGinnis <furdreams@...> wrote:

      > On Jan 2, 2008 9:17 PM, Signora Beatrice <signorabeatrice@...>
      > wrote:
      > > [reluctant snippage of some very amusing content]
      > > Contrary to (occasionlly pouplar) belief, Heralds are not ogres, and
      > > we really do WANT to help you.
      > >
      > Pray tell who is spreading this nasty rumor?!!! I sent but one teensey
      > weensie little e-mail to one herald, and he sent it to one of those
      > e-mail lists you mentioned, and then forwarded close to 10 replies to
      > me -- some incredibly volumous -- within half a day. I've never seen
      > such helpful people!

      Carrie, thank you for your support, and I'm glad you had such a positive
      experience with the Heralds.

      Unfortunately, there are a few things that can happen that lead to people
      having a negative impression of heralds:

      1) Running into a particularly crotchety herald (I've met them, they do
      exist, but they're becoming more rare)

      2) Getting your heart set on something that WILL NOT pass, and taking it
      personally when the heralds tell you so (repeatedly).

      3) Being told by a well meaning person one answer, and finding out later
      from a herald that the answer you were given is wrong (see #2 above).

      Heraldic registration in the SCA, thanks to the internet, is becoming more
      and more a transparent process, which leads to more and better information
      out there, and easy ways to debunk myths and misinformation before it
      spreads too far. (I imagine this is true for any area of SCA research,
      but with most areas, you don't have the Laurel Sovereign making judgement
      on everyone's submissions.) The internet has also helped even the most
      remote branches get access to the best Heralds in the world, making
      research and shared knowledge easier (again, true for any discipline).

      As I said before, Heralds are happy to help, anxious to help, and would be
      overjoyed to be asked to help BEFORE you get your heart set on something,
      so we can steer you towards more period sources and designs.

      I would like to think that the overall impression that non-heralds have of
      heralds is positive, and is becoming more positive over time. The College
      of Arms is working for that, as is each Kingdom College of Heralds. I'm
      glad to see, Carrie, that it is positive for you.

      *sighs* Now if we could just take chips off shoulders and erase bad
      memories of heralds-past....

      In Service,
      Signora Beatrice Domenici della Campana, AoA
      Tree-Girt-Sea, Midlands, Middle Kingdom

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