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Re: [SCA Newcomers] the word "Mundane" and other nonPC words

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  • Ziddinaaitzumar@comcast.net
    Hmmm. Oh, well, back to use of the word Modern . (Or Moderne ??) Ziddina ... From: Megan & Dave One reason the request not to use
    Message 1 of 43 , Dec 28, 2007
      Hmmm. Oh, well, back to use of the word "Modern". (Or "Moderne"??) Ziddina

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      From: "Megan & Dave" <danhorn3@...>
      One reason the request not to use the word Mundane can be found in the
      following introduction to articles written by Hilary of Serendip (former
      steward of the SCA) http://history.westkingdom.org/HilaryColumns/index.htm

      Gwenhyfar Stuart

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    • Sandra
      I just bought 5 yards of bleached linen from fabric store for my underdress that will (someday) accompany my bliuat. I love the feel, look and smell of what I
      Message 43 of 43 , Dec 28, 2007
        I just bought 5 yards of bleached linen from fabric store for my
        underdress that will (someday) accompany my bliuat. I love the feel,
        look and smell of what I got from them. After I washed and dried the
        fabric it wasn't too much a pain to iron as I got the 2nd lightest
        weight. I will post pics of what it looks like finished. I plan to
        order from them again and if you havent checked them out do so soon
        if you plan of making garb with linen! Swatches are free (within
        reason of course) so thats a great bonus. I got a discount card when
        I ordered some swatched that went toward my purchase (i'm all about
        the bargain!!) They do run specials and have a mailing list for that.
        I like thier "doggie bag" specials which are pretty resemble a
        remnants section at a offline fabric store. So if you are not sure if
        you like (or perhaps possibly allergic?) or to just get a bigger
        sample than the swatch that is the way to go also.


        --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, PATRICIA BENTLEY
        <shewolf128@...> wrote:
        > i have silly question you said wash dry wash dry until fabric soft
        enought to suit couldn't get the same effect if you soaked for a long
        period in an unsented fabric softener? as I am trying to conserve
        electric bill. then you would only have to dry it once. i have never
        tried this and was wondering if any one else has if not i will.
        > To: scanewcomers@...: labhaoise_obeachain@...: Thu, 27 Dec 2007
        18:38:40 +0000Subject: [SCA Newcomers] Re: the word "Mundane" and
        other nonPC words
        > Or you could even go the next step, buy a bolt of white,
        unbleached, or natural linen.... go through the usual, wash, dry,
        wash, dry, cycle till it's soft enough to suit... make the pieces as
        you need them, and use what's readily available to you to dye the
        GARMENTS... every house has onions, potatoes, beets... do you have
        plants in your yard....And fabric-store.com has bleached 5.3 oz, 20
        yds for $99. It goes cheaper!LabhaoiseVoila... period fabric, period
        color... and for the effort, period design!--- In
        scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, "Bhadra" <bhadradharma@> wrote:>> There
        is only one reasonable answer for you and you can shop online. Buy>
        direct from the textile manufacturer by the bolt or by the pound. A
        bolt is> 30 yards, so yes, it is an investment, but then you have
        fabric (of one> type) for a lot of different projects. Or, here's an
        idea! Get together> with others of your household, shire, barony,
        whatever and go in together to> order a number of bolts from the
        textile manufacturer. They give quantity> discounts. The more you buy
        the greater the discount. Any overage can be> sold in silent auctions
        or fund raisers...(I used to sell fabric all day for> $1 a yard and
        made quite a nice living at it.> > Only a suggestion.> Bhadra> -------
        Original Message-------> > From: Adrienne> Date: 12/26/2007 8:41:53
        PM> To: scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com> Subject: [SCA Newcomers] Re:
        the word "Mundane" and other nonPC words> > M'lord,> > You are quite
        lucky indeed. Unfortunately for me, I only have one> local fabric
        store, where almost everything is at least $10 a yard. I> can't
        afford such things - with myself, husband, three year old, and> now
        our baby due in mid May - so I have to send away for fabrics>
        (usually on the internet... and it's difficult for me to find
        bargains> like that online as well!).> > The next closest fabric
        place I know of is a Beverly's an hour and a> half one way, and if
        you can count it Walmart; JoAnn's and similar is> three hours away.
        And I don't get out of our small town much, as our> Durango is a gas
        hog and son (and my pregnant self!) both get very> carsick. All trips
        we make are "when we really need to" kinds of> things, and
        unfortunately don't usually coincide with the good sales.> > I am
        always appreciative when my friends in groups such as this one> pass
        on *inexpensive* deals they find online. I may not get to the> site
        in time for each one, but it's nice at least to know they exist!> >
        IS,> Adrienne of RavenShore> Kingdom of the West> > --- In
        scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, Patrick Callahan> <naspiritwalker@>
        wrote:> >> > A $l.99 a yard sounds a little steep to me I have> >
        never paid more than $l.oo a yard for any of my fabric> > besides the
        gabardine. Am I the only person the get> > emails form other SCAian
        alerting me ever time a local> > fabric store goes out of business?>
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