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    Whoops! No disrespect intended; should have said Treasured Trove of Wisdom and Long-Term Knowledge !! ;) ... From: Elizabeth Bair
    Message 1 of 21 , Dec 15, 2007
      Whoops! No disrespect intended; should have said "Treasured Trove of Wisdom and Long-Term Knowledge"!! ;)

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      From: "Elizabeth Bair" <countessdulcia@...>
      > Talk to a few people who've been in the SCA for 15 years or more - it's a
      > scream!! I suspect that around about twenty years or so ago, the SCA'ers
      > began taking more heat from the Civil War Re-enactors (and anyone who's been
      > in contact with that group will probably know what I'm talking about!) who
      > run around their 'historical re-enactment' events with pocket rulers so they
      > can check the size of the participant' s buttons (and said buttons had
      > better be pewter, bone, or horn!! No Plastic Allowed!!!) to make sure they
      > are exactly the correct size.....

      Well, yes, that's part of what helped push the SCA's focus, but more
      importantly - when the SCA started there were very few
      medieval/fantasy living history type groups around. Over the years
      the popularity of living history and RPG's has exploded. Now you
      don't need one group to be a "catch all" place for all your history,
      fantasy, RPG, living history and reenactment needs. Want to be a
      vampire? There's a group for that. Want to be a race/character out
      of Tolkien? There's a group for that. Want to be an Ancient Greek or
      Roman? There are groups for that. Want to be a D&D character for
      "real"? There are groups for that. Want to be a cartoon character,
      animal or whatever else? There are groups for all of those too! As
      other avenues opened up for all the "other stuff" it became less and
      less necessary for the SCA to include fantasy in it's purview. Though
      there are still lots of folks who don't want to let go of the fantasy
      aspects of the SCA...

      Dulcia, who can't believe she's been around long enough to qualify
      under your definition of "old timer"....

      PS - I'm in Trimaris too! =)

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