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Re: [SCA Newcomers] cotton in period and FABRIC SALE (was: Huzahh, I Finished my first Tunic, and Cape)

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  • Ziddinaaitzumar@comcast.net
    Intriguiegingly enough, I have located a photo of one of the oldest Egyptian garments extant - and guess what!??! It s LINen!!! By the way, Gavin Kinkade,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2007
      Intriguiegingly enough, I have located a photo of one of the oldest Egyptian garments extant - and guess what!??! It's LINen!!!

      By the way, Gavin Kinkade, Fashion Fabrics has a fabric sale on right now! Many of their fabrics are priced at $1.99, $3, and so on. There is a yellowish-green plaid that is PURE Silk! for $1.99, item # 305 (and I think plaid is period), a dark green & white shirting fabric (may be suitable for light tunics - quite warm in spite of its lightweight composition), 54" wide, for $3, item #355. There's a 55% Rayon - 45% Linen in Apple green

      - by the way, that reminds me - natural fabrics have to be PRE-washed before you sew them, just in case something goes terribly wrong... And usually have to be washed in COLD water and either air-fluffed or line - or flat-dried. They're quite care-intensive... What I would recommend is that you cut (with pinking shears, or hem the rough edges before washing) out a 4" x 4" piece, measure it before you wash it, then put that piece of fabric through HECK! Wash it warm, tumble dry warm - whatever you think you might be doing to it later on... Then, measure the (I think it's called a "Swatch") again, and see if it's shrunk. Compare it to the original piece of fabric and see if the color has faded - that's a red alert to only wash it with LIKE colors!! If you don't like the results, cut out another 4" piece and experiment with a more careful wash technique - cold or cool water, air-fluff. I have one piece of gray with white stripes wool that washes easily but the white stripes s
      hrink if it's exposed to ANY heat while drying - and I found that out the hard way because it didn't really show up on the 4" scrap/swatch!!

      getting back to the fabrics, there's an authentic (period - if you want confirmation, I can supply the books with photos of period artwork) pink with the same blend 55% rayon 45% linen at the same $3 price - would make a great dress for a lady and I think an SCA person discussed "Did the Vikings Wear Pink" at one point - Anyone???

      Doggone! There's a 100% linen, but it's a yukky pink and green print. Looking at this reminds me - drapery fabric is a great interior decorating choice for garb, as opposed to strictly upholstery fabric.

      The first page of the selection in the $4 section is mostly 100% linen - don't know about the prints, however. Some of them might be 'period'?? Won't give a blow-by-blow description but you really should check out this website right now - looks like some great sales going on! www.fashionfabricsclub.com - maybe they'll waive the 'club' fee for you?? Good luck all and sorry about going on and on... Ziddina

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      From: Coblaith Mhuimhneach <Coblaith@...>
      Kyla Pennywarden, wrote:
      > For most European locations and times, cotton and silk are either
      > fairly new, or very expensive, so wearing them makes your character
      > wealthy.

      Maria wrote:
      > Cotton is actually period in most of the Mediterranean nations.
      > Period would be pretty much any time in SCA period.

      ... You're arguing that cotton was used in most of
      Mediterranean Europe throughout the period from, say, 600 to 1600 C.E.?
      Can you share your sources? The only article with citations that I've
      seen on the topic indicates it was introduced to Spain in the 8th
      century and first widely marketed in Italy in the 12th ....

      Coblaith Mhuimhneach
      Barony of Bryn Gwlad
      Kingdom of Ansteorra._,_.___
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