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Re: [SCA Newcomers] History in the news - period bratwurst recipe

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    Oh, this is absolutely wonderful! I know that the cooks in the local cooks guilds would love this! ... From: David Roland
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 1, 2007
      Oh, this is absolutely wonderful! I know that the cooks in the local cooks' guilds would love this!

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      Historian finds oldest recipe for bratwurst

      A hobby historian has discovered the oldest known recipe for German
      sausage, a list of ingredients for Thuringian bratwurst nearly 600 years

      According to the 1432 guidelines, Thuringian sausage makers had to use
      only the purest, unspoiled meat and were threatened with a fine of 24
      pfennigs -- a day's wages -- if they did not, a spokesman for the German
      Bratwurst Museum said Wednesday.

      Medieval town markets in Germany had committees charged with monitoring
      the quality of produce. Thuringian bratwursts, which are made of beef
      and pork, are symbols of Germany's cultural heritage and ubiquitous
      snacks at football matches.

      Historian Hubert Erzmann, 75, found the ancient recipe, inscribed with
      pen and ink in a heavy tome of parchment, earlier this year while doing
      research in an archive in the eastern town of Weimar, museum spokesman
      Thomas Maeuer said.

      "The discovery shows that there were already consumer protection laws in
      the Middle Ages," he said.

      The instructions go on display Thursday in the Bratwurst Museum near the
      eastern city of Erfurt, Thuringia's capital.

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