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Re:Persona's relationship to activities was Portraying religion

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  • David Roland
    Sarah, Its okay, I m not one to take such a question as being difficult or snarky. Really what it seems to me that you are asking is, What role does a
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 26, 2007

      Its okay, I'm not one to take such a question as being difficult or
      snarky. Really what it seems to me that you are asking is, "What
      role does a persona play in the SCA?" And that is a question for
      much debate, long hours of discussion and a strong understanding
      that its okay to agree to disagree.

      To answer your questions directly.

      1 - It is faulty to assume that anyone in the SCA is doing
      everything in an accurate representation of the culture and time
      period they are portraying. How far down the path of period
      authenticity to we wish to go? Do the sheep you sheer for you wool
      have to be a period breed of sheep that was in the area your persona
      comes from? Does the vegetation they ate have to be period and from
      there as well? After all different kinds of wool are worked with
      differently so I'm told. And just how would a 1250 Scott react to a
      6th century hun or 15th century Welch or even a 1250 person from the
      area we call the Indian Sub-continent? The first two aren't even
      possible as the first is long dead and the other won't be born for
      maybe 300 years.

      2 - In short, to me, persona is a vehicle that is used to explore
      the pre-17th century world. It isn't a prison to keep you at ONLY
      the interests your persona MIGHT have had. If you limit yourself
      because of your persona you are missing out on the possibilities of
      sooooo much the SCA has to offer.

      My persona is the 3rd son and as such he isn't the Heir, he isn't
      the Spare so he was sent off to be Priest. It didn't take but he is
      a scribe because of it. Well, I also like woodworking,
      leatherworking, ink/dye making, fencing, heavy fighting, service,
      I'm a chatelain, I make announcement for several groups in the area
      and a few sundry other things. I promise you my 1250 persona
      counterpart couldn't begin to be able to do all those things AND
      hold a full time job at 40 hours a week like I do.

      Persona does affect the cloths you will wear, I don't pull the
      scottish accent very often but occasionally for fun do. By the way
      anyone have a recording of what a Scott talked like in 1250? Hey,
      had to try.

      I have taught a class on gender and sex roles through time and
      social class. (Gender is "job" sex is male or female. AKA to put
      it in stereotypes. The woman (sex) is in the Kitchen (gender role)
      the Man (sex) is out working (gender role). Or the Man (sex) is in
      the kitchen (gender role) etc. Gender roles differ depending on
      culture, time and social class.) And the reseach I did shows that
      the gender roles we presume them to be "back in period" are often
      simply wrong.

      Why this digression? Because a LOT of the assumptions we have about
      how things were in period are wrong and the SCA tries to find out,
      in a fun way, what the truths are as best that can be discerned.
      And your persona, in my opinion, is a vehicle down that road, not a
      prison to keep you in one spot.

      That said, if you like one spot an awful lot, feel free to pull over
      and soak in it!


      > I swear I'm not trying to be difficult but if you want to play
      like this 1 if someone assumes (for educational purposes) that since
      you are 1200-1300 Scott that everything you do is accurate for
      somebody from that time and place are you fulfilling the educational
      goal of the SCA and 2 if you do that what role does having a persona
      play if you only stick to it in terms of dress and (maybe) accent?
      > Really those are both questions I've been wondering about so I'm
      not trying to be difficult. Thanks, Sarah
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