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  • k_hinote
    First and foremost, what is it that you are trying to build? My current armor is based on Wisby Number 1 armor. That is armor found in a dig on the Island of
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      First and foremost, what is it that you are
      trying to build? My current armor is based on Wisby
      Number 1 armor. That is armor found in a dig on the
      Island of Gotland, near the city of Visby. There was a
      battle fought in 1361 between the Swedish and the
      natives of Gotland. The Swedes were a much more effective
      foe, well armed and armored facing the peasant levies
      of the island. Most of the fallen, both attacker and
      defender, were buried in mass graves with most of their
      armor.<br><br>This armor is commonly refered to as a Coat of Plates.
      There are close to 25 differant recorded types of coat
      of plates found at the Battle of Wisby.<br><br>The
      most common feature is the use of lea with plates
      riveted to it. Mine, as a cheap suit, has plastic plates
      riveted to 10oz canvas.<br><br>I drew my inspriration
      from several sources:<br>"Armor from the Battle of
      Wisby" by Bengt Thordeman.<br><br>The Making of Wisby
      Plate<br>By Rick Steeves (SKA Corwyn
      Sinister)<a href=http://www.duke.edu/~ricks/wisbylb.htm target=new>http://www.duke.edu/~ricks/wisbylb.htm</a> <br>This article I use as my basic shopping list.
      I made sure to get all the tools. I did not have a
      sewing machine. I highly suggest that you get a sewing
      machine. i did not have
      one.<br><br><a href=http://www.armourarchive.com/patterns/wisby_cop/index.html target=new>http://www.armourarchive.com/patterns/wisby_cop/index.html</a><br>Here is where you can get the basic patterns. i used
      the second ones. Mostly unchange from what was
      printed. <br><br>The basic way I did it was I used
      Corwyn's instructions and the pattern from the Armour
      Archive. Important note: I changed bucket plastic for 55
      gallon plastic drum plastic. I have not desire to get
      hurt. Bucket plastic would most likely be easier to
      work and cut.<br><br>I started by cutting out the
      basic shapes of the plates in poster board. Thwould
      give me an idea of how big the canvas covering needed
      to be. After cutting out the basic shape in the
      canvas then i began on the plates. Because of the curve
      in a barrel I cut the belly plates out long ways.
      That is to match the curve of my belly. The Flank
      plates I cut out length ways to match the curve on my
      sides. I found a heat gun to be very useful for bend the
      plates to the exact curve. Also boiling water worked
      well. Careful with both though.<br><br>After getting
      all the plates made, 20 in all. I sewed the edges of
      the canvas. Mistake #1, I did not fold the edges
      under twice. This has caused fraying. So, you should
      take an edge then fold it once, then fold it again so
      that the edge is hidden under the fold. Then sew.
      Mistake #2, I did want the normal un colored canvas so I
      died it. COTTON SHRINKS IN HOT WATER. Do in Dieing
      before you cut out the basic shape.<br><br>Then I put
      the pieces together. I started with the top plate on
      the belly, and worked down. Then started with the
      sides. Make sure that you keep the canvas tih against
      the plate. Mistake #3, make sure that your rivets are
      in a straight line. One of my plates is slightly of
      line. One addtion I found needed was the of plates
      along the back. i think the is was mainly due to the
      fact that my canvas shrank.<br><br>After getting all
      the plates on the canvas it is time to strap. I again
      followed Corwyn's example, plus I added three D rings. One
      in the center of the back and the other two at the
      top of the last flank plates. That way you can tie
      the D rings togeather. It helps snug the armor
      against your body.<br><br>I know that I missed alot. But
      this can atleast get you moving in the right
    • bubdog101
      Message 2565 of 2565 , Dec 6, 2003
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        --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, jfreak_99_16 wrote:
        > Brand New to SCA<br>I haven't even been to an
        > event yet. Except for the onen heavy fighting practice.
        > I have no idea how to get started<br><br>JF
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