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Re: [SCA Newcomers] hierarchy

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  • Lindsay
    Thank you for this well-thought out reply! I think you ve said it all, in a very persuasive way, and I am in complete agreement. Caoilfhionn Shire of
    Message 1 of 66 , Sep 4, 2007
      Thank you for this well-thought out reply! I think you've said it all,
      in a very persuasive way, and I am in complete agreement.

      Shire of Ramsgaard, Principality of Tir Righ,
      Kingdom of An Tir

      Elizabeth Bair wrote:
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      > > Based on the statement below, if your not a heavy fighter, you may not
      > >
      > > be in a position of hierarchy?
      > >
      > > for instance, I just enter Archery Tournements, and dont wish to fight,
      > >
      > > nor do I think my body would withstand the abuse....
      > >
      > > So I will never be in a position of Honor? with regards to the crown?
      > >
      > Forgive the lateness of my reply, but I only joined the list very
      > recently.
      > There are a great many positions of honor apart from wearing the Crown
      > in the SCA. I think that it is our modern "only the 'winner' matters"
      > mindset that causes many new participants to the the Crown as the
      > "all or nothing" pinnacle. It's not. It's one of many positions one
      > can hold in the SCA and only a few of those positions require heavy
      > weapons skill.
      > To be blunt, and this is from someone who has sat the throne, the
      > Crown is not the end all, be all of SCA achivement. The Crown is, at
      > best, a temp job with limited power. The job is one of being a
      > temporary figurehead, distributing awards to the deserving, and acting
      > as a failsafe to prevent other kingdom offices from having too much
      > independent power. A reign lasts for approximately 6 months. Royal
      > Peerage (a county or duchy) is a symbol of a specific thing that you
      > have done at some point in the past. Royal Peers do not have any
      > special "powers" beyond the influence they *can* wield as a result of
      > the respect that they earn. There are plenty of Royal Peers out there
      > with no influence and no respect, just as there are very "powerful"
      > and influential Royal Peers who have earned a great deal of respect.
      > The "power", if you will, is in the individual, not in the rank.
      > The same "power", because it IS individual, can be found in people of
      > every rank including no rank at all. If you are looking strictly in
      > terms of the SCA's rank hierarchy, the Bestowed Peers (Knights,
      > Laurels and Pelicans) exert as much influence and are accorded nearly
      > as much status as the Royal Peers. I am also a member of the Order of
      > the Laurel - just as a Royal Peerage is a symbol of something you did
      > and where you have been, Bestowed Peerage is a symbol of who you ARE.
      > Bestowed Peerages are awarded for heavy weapons prowess (Knights), ANY
      > aspect of Service (Pelicans) or ANY aspect of the Arts and Sciences
      > (Laurels).
      > Landed Barons and Baronesses are also in positions of percieved power.
      > Unlike any other nobles in the land (aside from the Kings, Queens,
      > Princes and Princesses) they can and do hold courts and bestow awards.
      > They act as the direct representatives of the Crown to their local
      > Barony, and as the people of the Barony's representative to the Crown.
      > Different kingdoms have different laws regarding territorial
      > baronies, but here in Trimaris a baronial tenure lasts 3-4 years.
      > There is no tournament for the selection of the new baron and baroness
      > in anything but Palantine Baronies (where the baronial position is a
      > temporary one lasting only 6 months to a year, in most cases). The
      > vast majority of baronies in the SCA use much less structured methods
      > of choosing baronial nobles and there is no requirement that either
      > the baron or baroness be capable of winning a heavy weapons
      > tournament. Generally they look for established members who are
      > well-rounded and have proven themselves as leaders locally.
      > If it's the outward trappings of rank that you are looking at,
      > consider the Court Barons and Baronesses. These individuals are
      > granted the right to wear a coronet for whatever reason the Crown
      > chooses. Generally it's some type of "service", but the definition of
      > that service is up to the Crown in question. I have seen service as
      > an archer awarded with a court baronacy. I have given one for service
      > as a bard.
      > If it's the actual reins of power that you are looking at, you should
      > be looking at the officer corps. Kingdom offices, like local offices,
      > last for two years in most kingdoms. Officers, especially the Kingdom
      > Seneschal, hold the real power in the SCA and they exert tremendous
      > influence over their local groups or local officers.
      > There are many other positions of honor as well. Isn't earning an AoA
      > a position of honor? Isn't earning a GoA a position of honor? Isn't
      > being a baroness' or queen's archery champion a position of honor?
      > Isn't teaching others to become archers and love the sport a position
      > of honor? Isn't being an archery marshal at the local or kingdom
      > level a position of honor? Isn't earning the friendship and respect
      > of others a position of honor?
      > The gift the SCA gives us, if we are wise enough to accept it, is the
      > opportunity to become the best person we can be. Awards and rank
      > generally are bestowed on those who make a genuine contribution to the
      > game we all play. Those kinds of contributions tend to come, more
      > than anything else, from a genuine love of the Society and the things
      > you do within it. Focussing on awards and rank is more of a stumbling
      > block to enjoying the SCA and what it has to offer than anything else
      > I know.
      > Dulcia
      > --
      > Countess Dulcia MacPherson, OL OR
      > Kingdom Hospitaller, Kingdom of Trimaris
      > "The wonderfulness of others will not diminish you. Your realization
      > of the wonderfulness of others will enlarge you." - AElflaed of Duckford
      > "Rule #5. There will always be some people who can do some things
      > that you just *can't*. Don't worry about it, work on your basics
      > and have some double-stuff Oreos." Tivar Moondragon
    • Bulgarelli Maria
      Not here, but I hear that another kingdom has had a Queen in her own right. I just happen to think it s cool that Ansteorra had the first. Maria
      Message 66 of 66 , Sep 5, 2007
        Not here, but I hear that another kingdom has had a
        Queen in her own right.

        I just happen to think it's cool that Ansteorra had
        the first.

        --- Jeff Suzuki <jeff_suzuki@...> wrote:

        > --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, Bulgarelli
        > Maria <scarlettmb@...>
        > wrote:
        > >
        > > And that kingdom was ...
        > > The Stellar Kingdom of Ansteorra. The first
        > kingdom
        > > to have a Queen by her own right.
        > >
        > Out of curiosity, have there been others?
        > Jeffs/etc.
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