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Re: [SCA Newcomers] Accents

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  • Jeff Suzuki
    ... your use ... you will ... Nice summary! (I ll quibble with the contractions suggestion, though: Zounds, tis not needful to limit them! ;-) Two other
    Message 1 of 9 , Aug 18, 2007
      --- In scanewcomers@yahoogroups.com, Justinos Tekton called Justin

      > 80/20 Rule for Forsoothspeak:
      > Avoid overtly modern words such as "software" and "freeway", reduce
      your use
      > of contractions and slang, and speak in a slightly formal tone, and
      you will
      > achieve 80% of the "feel" of forsooth speech with 20% of the effort.

      Nice summary! (I'll quibble with the contractions suggestion, though:
      "Zounds, 'tis not needful to limit them!" ;-)

      Two other suggestions (both of which have the virtue, in my mind, that
      they can and *should* be practiced outside the society):

      Drop the verbal pauses ("yeah, like, OK, so it's like..."). They're
      not out of period per se (except "OK" seems to be modern), but when
      was the last time you saw actors in a medievaloid movie speak like
      that? ;-)

      Throw in a few persona words! Hello, goodbye, one, two, three, a
      couple of expletives...If your persona happens to be English, find
      alternates. (I've started using "Greetings!" in my email to
      colleagues...I haven't yet signed off with "Vale," but one of these

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