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Friday Five: Persona Challenge - was gentle folk?

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  • julian wilson
    Well, I have been very interested by this thread concerning non-Noble personas.. So here s my groat s-worth. My pre-SCA-joining persona Matthew Baker was
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      Well, I have been very interested by this thread concerning non-Noble personas..
      So here's my groat's-worth.
      My "pre-SCA-joining" persona "Matthew Baker" was the 2nd son of a Lincoln Yeoman. Free-born but by no means gently-born!.
      [ I'd been a re-enactor for several years before hearing-about and joining the Society; and I had neither the wish nor the money to change my persona at that point ]

      "Baker" joined the Service of Jasper Tudor's Household as a trainee guardsman, and showed a talent for combat. Was "sworn-in" by Jasper into the Service of the young Henry Tudor as a "Squire of the Body" [read- "personal bodyguard"] to accompany the boy into Exile in Brittany; and during the 11 yrs of Exile at the Castle of Sosciniou became "cunning in open battle and secret" [read- Spymaster"]. This was as high as the yeoman's son expected to rise in Service, and he looked for no higher recognition.
      However, following the 28yr-old Henry's Assumption of the Crown after Bosworth Fight [ 22-8-1485,] Henry VII appointed my persona with a colleague [one Davy Phillipe] to be joint Govenors [military and civil commanders and effectively joint-Viceroys] of the Anglo-Norman Isles - to prepare against a threatened French invasion of these valuable "entreports". This Office carried with it "Baronial" status as a principal King's Officer.
      So we have a commoner-born, - a simple soldier - skilled in open and secret warfare but untutored in the "noble graces" - elevated to the equivalent status of a Baron of the Realm.
      History records that Baker remained a "man-of-the-people - a bluff & simple soldier" more at home with his soldiery and his servants - than with the Seigneurial and Noble families with whom he now had daily contact on the King's Business.
      After 10 years "in-Post", Baker was recalled to Court, and three times appointed Ambassador to Courts in Europe.
      Thereafter, he was given a new Office - a Ministerial-level Post responsible for the "fabric" and the Security of the Palace of Westmninster - the physical centre of Henry VII's Government.
      And that's how I play him - a commoner elevated unexpectedly through Royal favour. and remaining unaffected by the courtly graces of those nobles with whom he had daily contact through his various Offices.

      It seems to go down well-enough with the populace of our Kingdom who have met "Baker" - and no-one originally bothered to mention to me that there are SCA canons against bringing a persona from "outside" into the SCA. [I discovered that myself before someone who'd served as a Kingdom Herald mentioned it, when I was thinking of applying for Registration of my persona's Name and Armory.]
      A "First Eventer", 2 Kings, 2 Viceroys, a number of Crown Officers, and several Peers have made no adverse comments over the last 3 years. So if they've accepted Baker, I reckon "it's cool"!


      "Jibra'il 'Attar." <giudo.brunelleschi@...> wrote:
      I find it quite interesting that there was discussion today on this
      list about non-Noble personas and how people handle those...and the
      fact that I have one of those personas. However, my non-Noble persona
      is a servant to the Crown (ie: I'm a Court goob, through and through)
      and I've found a way to incorporate that into my non-Noble persona
      without it being out of place.


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