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terms of address (was: Hi, I'm new and need advice)

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  • Coblaith Mhuimhneach
    ... There s a picture of your current king and queen at . Anybody you see who s wearing one of those crowns is
    Message 1 of 8 , Jul 6, 2007
      Sarah Natividad wrote:
      > . . .We are in the kingdom of Artemisia, barony of Loch Salann (Utah).
      > We'll be attending our first event the end of this month.

      > . . .I am concerned about violating etiquette. I'm a generally polite
      > person but I'm not used to having to respect rank and address some
      > people by a different greeting (e.g. "your excellency") according to
      > rank. Any tips as to how one could easily tell what greeting to use
      > for which person?

      There's a picture of your current king and queen at
      <http://www.artemisia.sca.org/regnum.htm>. Anybody you see who's
      wearing one of those crowns is probably "Your Majesty".

      Cunnan has articles on the Society-wide conventions for coronets
      <http://cunnan.sca.org.au/wiki/Coronet> and related forms of address
      <http://cunnan.sca.org.au/wiki/Honorific>. But nobody will expect you
      to have all that down-pat when you begin.

      In Artemisia, metal circlets are worn only by Royal Peers and the
      Baronage <http://www.artemisia.sca.org/law.htm>. Therefore, you can
      rest assured that anybody you meet who's got any kind of "brass hat" is
      at least entitled to be called "Your Excellency". In my area,
      newcomers are often encouraged to use that term of address for all such
      individuals until they learn to recognize the various crowns and
      coronets. (It's not the highest title all of them are entitled to use,
      but it is a valid one for all of them, and respectful.) That may not
      be the case in Artemisia; ask your hospitaler

      Coblaith Mhuimhneach
      Barony of Bryn Gwlad
      Kingdom of Ansteorra
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