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    Greetings all, Ahnuld wrote:I once asked the cliche, What DOES a Scotsman wear under his kilt , and was told Ask Tommy, he ll SHOW you, and I doan think
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2007
      Greetings all,
      Ahnuld wrote:I once asked the cliche, "What DOES a Scotsman wear
      under his kilt", and was told "Ask Tommy, he'll SHOW
      you, and I doan think you'll ask any more..." so I
      didn't ask, left it alone from then on.

      If you really want to know I can tell you from personal experiance what some men do or don't wear under the kilts. Years ago when I was first in the SCA my Lord husband (who is now my ex-husband) wore a Great Kilt and because of the many layers a kilt has after it has been pleated he found things became to warm for comfort and the only way he could stand to wear his kilt was without anything at all under it. Also a household member was allergic to wool so he wore a womens miniskirt slip under his to keep from having hives where no man probably wants to even think of having itchy hives. But the other man in our Scottish household did wear underwear because he was just to prim and proper and there was no way he was going to go "commando" as some of the men put it. My Ex also belonged to a mundane Bagpipe Band and it was pretty much whatever the preference of the individual was. Some wore underwear and some didn't. One of the Bagpipers when ever someone asked him would say "Oldspice ma'm, just Oldspice." So there you have it from someone who hung out with more Scotsmen and thier "skirts" then you could shake a stick at. I know, I know, groan bad pun, bad pun. Forgive me I couldn't help myself. >wicked grin<
      Fair the well,
      Fa'rissa of the Outlands

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