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Re: On not being a fried egg at events

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  • jbjt30@juno.com
    Greetings Caitrina, ... I like to carry my own shade, I got a parasol at Goodwill several years ago. I ve been noticing them at party stores lately. Not as
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      Greetings Caitrina,
      You wrote:

      > I understand that silk, while beautiful, keeps in
      > the heat, and therefore
      > not a good head
      > covering in the summer. Somewhere I saw mentioned
      > that kerchif cotton
      > made great veils.
      > Has anyone here used this?
      and Elspeth wrote:
      >Silk's an insulator, it tends to keep temperatures the same. So, on your head it's going to hold in the heat of your head, on your cooler-than-the-weather body it'll hold in the cool.

      I like to carry my own shade, I got a parasol at Goodwill several years ago. I've been noticing them at party stores lately. Not as good as tree shade, but helps when you've got to be away from the good shade.


      It's ironic that this question came up today because on one of the many SCA yahoo group lists I'm on earlier today someone else was discussing this very issue. One comment said the same thing Elspeth did, that silk is an insulator, great for under cloths to help keep one warm. I happen to know from personal knowledge that Hunter's use silk long underwear instead of thermal long underwear because silk keeps you warmer. The other comment on this list that I thought was really important to share was this person who said she wore a silk veil and severly sunburned the top of her head but never with her Linen veil. (She also shared it was very painful to brush her hair for a couple of days.) She said that Linen veils worked the best in her experiance. She didn't get over heated or get sunburn with her Linen veils. I can tell you from personal experiance that every time I sunburn my head I get sun stroke and I am very sick so wether it's a veil or a straw hat covering your head at an outdoor event it's just a good idea for your health. But I'm so sensitive to the sun that I use a hat or veil and a parasol. (I found mine at a Party Store in Calontir as a matter of fact.) I do agree with Elspeth a head covering instantly makes an outfit look sooo much better. I have always felt that because mundanely most do not wear hats as a fashion excessory anymore that when we wear a head covering in SCA it helps one to feel more "in the part" as they say in the theater.
      Elspeth also wrote:
      One trick is to get an appropriate head covering. You can be wearing the most quasi-medieval thing in the world and you will instantly look more period just by putting on a veil or cap. Cotton works well, or if you're thinking about adventuring into linen, this is a project that requires very little material.


      I almost forget someone on this list, I can't remember which one, also said that getting in the shade of a tree where one could also catch a breeze was the coolest shade she had ever found. She said in her experiance canvas and plastic pavilion shade was not as cool and that where she was from they called that "treeing". When they were hot and wanted to cool down they would say "it's getting hot let's go treeing." I couldn't help but chuckle at that! Hope it makes some of you chuckle too!
      Fa'rissa of the Outlands

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