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9863If I finally come up with a name do I need to register it?

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  • Uh....Guess
    Mar 31, 2007
      After becoming hooked on my first Ren-Faire, two cosutumes and hours on
      the internet later, I have finally come up with a name. Do I need to
      register it so that only I have that name with the SCA? Is it possible
      to do so? What about heraldic flags? Do I have to register a
      cusotmized one with SCA? Is it possible for more than one person to
      have the same name? Like ya'll im new to this so I am not sure what the
      protocal is. Thanks! Oh yeah as you can see, I kinda need to learn
      how to start talking like the days of yore so any help with that would
      be appreciated.
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