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9641Re: [SCA Newcomers] Medieval Research

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  • Stephanie Burnette
    Mar 2, 2007
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      Hi Justin,
      That would be fantastic! I tried applying to the
      group but I suppose my application wasnt what they
      were looking for! I would greatly appreciate your
      help! Thank you so much!
      --- Iustinos Tekton called Justin <justin@...>

      > On Wednesday 28 February 2007 00:57, sphef wrote:
      > [...]
      > > My professor is having me look at primary sources
      > > on the topic...searching for mentions of how the
      > individual with the
      > > disability or chronic illness coped with whatever
      > they had. I was
      > > referred to here by my fiance's mother who is as
      > much interested in
      > > the middle ages as I am. I am just curious to know
      > if anyone knows of
      > > any sources that may aid me in my research.
      > Hello, Stephanie
      > In the SCA, we have a group of people called
      > Chirurgeons who volunteer as
      > first aid providers. Although our delivered first
      > aid is (of course) done
      > according to modern methods, a number of our
      > Chirurgeons have an interest
      > in period healthcare and medical practices. As a
      > Chirurgeon myself, I am
      > acquainted with several individuals with some
      > expertise in this area. If
      > you are willing to give permission, I will forward
      > your email address and
      > query to several of these acquaintances to see if
      > they may be able to
      > assist you. Please let me know if this is okay with
      > you.
      > Kind regards,
      > Justin
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