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  • N.E. Star
    Feb 12, 2007
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      What I did for my first skirt was measure around my waist, since it's smaller then 45 inches (the smaller industry standard for cloth, the other is 60 inches) I knew I would use the whole width of the fabric. Then I measured from my waist to the floor, and that was the length.

      So I go to the fabric store, find the cloth I want, and have them cut it the length. I also get two yards of light rope/braid. (I had thread at home)

      When I get home I wash, dry, and iron the fabric. Then I fold it "Out" sides together and sew a straight seam along the length. Then I fold a half inch hem on one end, leaving a small opening to run the braid through. This is now the top of the skirt. Then I put it on to find out how much of the bottom I needed to turn up so I didn't walk on it, then I hem that up and the skirt is done.

      If your waist is bigger or if you want more fullness: double the length and after you wash it cut it in half and sew two side seams instead of one.

      I hope this helps,

      jacobadiewaeyer <jacobadiewaeyer@...> wrote: I'm a total newbie, and I'm trying to get ready for my first war
      that's coming up this weekend. I was wondering, does anyone know where
      I can get a simple plan for a skirt? Something simple and easy would
      be nice.. thanks
      Jacoba the Unpredictable

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