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9485RE: [SCA Newcomers] Re: Irish Gaelic & kids clothing (was: Garb Sale)

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  • Karen Pate
    Jan 7, 2007
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      My apologies, Lady Maeve. You've done absolutely nothing offensive. The
      fault is mine; I should remember that our purpose is to have fun and learn a
      bit while doing so!



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      When I used the word"Celtic" it was not to be offenssive, but if you search
      the internet for garb it is the only way that I recieved any results. Being
      part Irish myself and totally proud of that heritage I would rather find
      things listed under Irish Gaelic. my apologies for any offense made.
      yours in service
      Maeve de Chesne

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      > The term you're looking for is "Irish Gaelic". ("Celtic" is a
      > scholarly term referring to a number of archaeological sites with
      > similar material culture, all of which significantly predate the
      > century.)
      Not to put too fine a point on it or be offensive, but coming from a
      Welsh family who cares very much about this term and its use, the
      term "Celtic" is still very active--continues through to modern
      times. It not only represents the languages currently spoken in
      Ireland, Wales, Scotland, and the Manx language, but the unique
      cultural heritage all these groups share. In recent years, it's
      become quite a point of pride with many Kells.
      :-) Cym

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